Sapiens Mulier

They call us homo sapiens which is Latin for wise man

but I don’t think we’re as wise as those who labeled us had planned..


If you look at the world we ‘wise’ men have created…

which is leading to our demise….

not only have we not acted human…

but we’ve been anything but wise.


So perhaps the time of the wise man is over.

Perhaps there are better times ahead

if we retire the term homo sapiens

and use Sapiens Mulier instead…


I think we’ve given the wise man his chance…

It’s time to bid his reign adieu…

It’s now time for the wise woman 

to show what she can do.


Homo sapiens…we did our best

But we set the bar too low…

Sapiens Mulier…it’s your turn

to see how high that bar can go.


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No one expects her to be perfect.

She's good but she isnt there yet.

Will she work, is she correct?

If she does the city will be in her debt.

She's done well in her test.

But no one knows will she work?

"I say she not looking her best"

She could sway, she could jerk.

No, she will get the job done!

"But she can't it's to big a feat"

"Are you sure, she has to carry a ton?"

Yes I am sure she is at long last complete.

No one believed in her, but me.

She perfect, she's ready you see!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ok this piece was about trust in a womans capabilities but it was also about a bridge and her maker is being questioned by onlookers but he sticks by his design.

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On International Woman’s Day

who better than women to care for our planet?

a planet that’s beginning to sob.

Who better than women to take care of our Earth…

since men have all but bungled the job!


Women create life…

So who better than women to take care of our air

To make sure there are no poisons in there

Who better than women to take care of our air

for theirs is the first breath that we share. 


Women recognize the significance of water…

For nine months they keep us safe, protected…and warm.

So who better than women to take care of our water

for it is out of their water we’re born. 


Women are nurturers…

So who better than women to take care of our people…

our birds…our fish and our deer.

Who better than women to care for all life

and ever entity living here?


Women understand beauty…

For all women are as beautiful as they are grand

So who better than the women I ask you…

to cherish its beauty and take care of our land?


Yes, as we celebrate International Women’s Day

who better than women to take care of our Planet

a planet that’s beginning to sob…

for when Mother Earth is in need of mothering herself

who better than women to handle this job?


And perhaps if we’re smart…there will come a time

not just on International Women’s day

when we realize the wonder and marvel of women…


and we celebrate them…every day

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Imagine two women marching to change the world…

their mission…

Peace for everyone. 

Imagine two women holding parasols 

to shade them from the mid-day sun.


Imagine two women not of the same faith

but whose lives are intertwined

by the joy they share within their hearts

and the Peace thats on their minds.


Imagine two women standing strong and confident…

dignified and proud

when they spot two other women holding parasols

walking towards them through the crowd.


Imagine two women obviously of a different faith

with different stories…different names

also marching to change the world…

their mission is the same.


Imagine four women who fate connected…

their story captivates…their picture enthralls…

Imagine four women separated by their beliefs

united by parasols.


Imagine four women united in their shared belief

that prejudice, hatred and war must cease.

Imagine four women with their parasols

marching for world peace.


Imagine four women and their parasols

showing us the way.

Imagine four women who, if we follow them,


will lead us to a better day…

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It is International Women’s day…

a chance for fools like me and you,

to celebrate and marvel

at the things that women do.


I started to make a list

but stopped when my hand turned blue…

Let’s just say there’s nothing

that women cannot do.


If there is a job or task that needs completed,

we know a women can

accomplish it faster, more efficiently…

and better than a man.


Women should be the models

for fools like me and you

because, and this bears repeating,

there is nothing they can’t do!


Which makes me wonder…


Since they are intelligent, wise and strong,

yet not afraid to shed a tear…

perhaps we should be celebrating women…


every day…of every year.

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It's Time

A woman, without her man, is nothing.
This is how some men think.
They say it with a smile, a nod
and a condescending wink.

It’s true we have punctuated and ruled the world
since history’s begun.
But when I look around the world today I have to ask...
Men...what have we done?

The world we have been ruling over
we have failed to advance.
Perhaps it’s time we stepped aside
and gave women their chance.

A chance to affirm something
they’ve known all along...
That the way we punctuate and govern
Is so completely wrong.

A chance to change the world for good
in it’s time of need...
A chance to to punctuate correctly
so this sentence now will read

A woman: without her...man is nothing...
because that’s what women think,
only they say it with confidence, with a smile
and without a condescending wink.

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