I saw her standing in the grass…an owl…tiny, proud…but mute

which I thought odd because in the early morning owls usually love to hoot.


I‘ve heard owls are intelligent…and are said to be wise too

so, while I had her full attention, I thought I’d see if that was true.


I wanted to show this wise little owl that I had an intellect too

so I asked her existentially…”Little owl, tell me…who are you?”


“Who am I?” The little owl smiled, “as she looked up to the stars…

“Why who I am, who anyone is…depends on who you are.”


With that she flapped her wings and flew away.

I admit to feeling foul…

left standing in the middle of the street

befuddled by an owl…


But in my defense I am just a human. 

Wisdom in our species has long been overdue….

Which, once again, in my conversation with an owl

I discovered to be true.

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I have always loved owls.

I have always loved owls. Specially ones that tell it like it is Wink