self reflection

Carousel Maze

Broken hearts,
The empty feeling of loss,
Its yearning,
Feeling abandoned,
And learning about loving,
And it's cost,
It comes in many ways,
Sometimes even death,
Broken friendships,
Disagreements, resentments,
Anger over a bruised ego,
Signals crisscrossed,
Abuses, and envy,
Arrogance and shame,
Riding this wild and vicious
Merry-go-round of blame,
Loved ones take sides,
Like a sing-a-long
To a skipping vinyl record
On an old broken down phonograph,
Dissonant and harsh.


We try to get back
What we feel has been taken,
And get rid of the feeling
Of being forsaken,
Like when waking from a dream,
In horrid surprise,
We are sure it's not real,
And that it must be a guise,
Our ego is bruised,
We're confused,
We battle with hate and revenge,
Only to find many times in the end
It's ourselves we despise.


I've ended my share,
Without a care,
Thinking it fair game,
Because people had done it to me, just the same,
Like  circus mimes, we are,
Going through the motions
Of the drama it leaves behind,
In many ways, so unkind,
Always arriving at the same
Ticket booth for one more time
Until we question our own motives,
And finally decide,

...that life is too short to keep riding the same ride.



6:16 PM 5/18/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The repeated cycle of attracting the same unhealthy relationships.

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Making Of A True Man

Induced indulgence on a quivering lip,
To plead for more than blind worship.
The terrors and castrations of society’s limbs,
Prejudices dressed up in irrelevant fears.
The debacle of might and tyranny,
Precious illusions that serve no man’s interest,
Buried with heads in forgotten sands.

Sand and dirt, grit in my teeth,
A warrior peaks in body, but his spirit plummets.
Fevering an illusion, attacked at all sides,
I’m just trying to be the better man.

The temptation to elevate beneath limitation,
Only at the time of severed brain from loins.
Addiction passed down in the bloodline,
Lust for the poison,
Written deep in genetic coding.

Identity can be found when standing still,
When floating in the sea of majority,
It’s time to sink and fall behind,
To think, to reflect:
To be the better man.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes just got to break those barriers down and time time to get your head together, finding self amongst the ashes

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