Rainy day

in the garden, in the nighttime (with Old English, Dutch, and Germanic influence)

in the garden, in the nighttime

(formerly 'slipping away in the garden in the nighttime', with Old English, Dutch, and Germanic influence)

the leaves play their roles

they change colors, giving shade,

raindrops—welled up tears

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This haiku was primarily composed as a personal note to my most recent subjective study material (micro-phenomenology).  I thought, first & foremost, why or how come it had that particular significance in me (at least for me). As far as that realization was thought to be consisting revelatory moments,  a denouement if you will, these have aided me (in my self-directed learning the importance/relevance of intersubjectivity, interrelatedness, & multiperspectivity as it relate to/in relation to philosophy, phenomenology, —mostly in semiotics/semantics/linguistics—of which are already specified in the past Author's Notes/Comments).


In addition, etymological definitions (with relative value to myself) basically were included below.  These are the linguistic influences of another language before being used in these particular ways.  Please note that this is just to help educate myself on these subjects & so, thought to be, help expand my learning objectives, which was why they've been given emphases):




Leaves pl./leaf sing. :



1.  Old English lēaf, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch loof and German Laub


Leave (another sense, as in the verb) :



2. Old English lēaf 'permission'; related to LIEF and LOVE


3.  Old English.. (this last one entry was not included; it had seemed to have a far different sense & meaning, so it had not been thought to be iterated; and apart from this reason, however, I could not find a special character from my mobile device to input "læfan" like how it appears from the built-in definition & its meaning to especially/specially denote that here correctly)




Inquisitive as Ever

I just got inspired while peeping through the window on a rainyday and wrote this poem titled 'Inquisitive as Ever'



‘Inquisitive as ever’

Lined with lightening, the clouds just burst

The downpour just lashes; and its unlikely to subside;

Darkened as ever; the rain pelts down

As if the sun is quelled forever!


People do bother as it’s so freakish,

But, I do mind as it’s so pleasant.

The lashing doesn’t stop and goes on and on;

To restore parity with heaven and earth.


Inquisitive as ever, I peek through the pane

When I’m kissed fabulously by mist;

As I just ponder just of the rain,

I am amazed by- the sweet, sweet smell!


The rock that’s washed, smells so rocky;

The leaf that’s cleansed, smells so leafy;

The bird that’s wet, scents so birdy;

The dog that’s drenched, stings so doggy;

But the soil that’s drizzled, smells so…….sweet!


Pearls of water on lotus leaf

Resembles like, water on duck’s back;

But the blackish eyes of the babe, twinkle like

The Kimberly diamonds of yesteryears.


No matter what the baker bakes,

No matter what the pasteries are;

No matter what the fragrance is;

The sweet smell of soil is no more to be matched!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is for anyone who is interested in poetry to read and understand the scenario.

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