Inquisitive as Ever

I just got inspired while peeping through the window on a rainyday and wrote this poem titled 'Inquisitive as Ever'



‘Inquisitive as ever’

Lined with lightening, the clouds just burst

The downpour just lashes; and its unlikely to subside;

Darkened as ever; the rain pelts down

As if the sun is quelled forever!


People do bother as it’s so freakish,

But, I do mind as it’s so pleasant.

The lashing doesn’t stop and goes on and on;

To restore parity with heaven and earth.


Inquisitive as ever, I peek through the pane

When I’m kissed fabulously by mist;

As I just ponder just of the rain,

I am amazed by- the sweet, sweet smell!


The rock that’s washed, smells so rocky;

The leaf that’s cleansed, smells so leafy;

The bird that’s wet, scents so birdy;

The dog that’s drenched, stings so doggy;

But the soil that’s drizzled, smells so…….sweet!


Pearls of water on lotus leaf

Resembles like, water on duck’s back;

But the blackish eyes of the babe, twinkle like

The Kimberly diamonds of yesteryears.


No matter what the baker bakes,

No matter what the pasteries are;

No matter what the fragrance is;

The sweet smell of soil is no more to be matched!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is for anyone who is interested in poetry to read and understand the scenario.

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An Ode To Dirt

The poet praises the praiseworthy, a necessary substance, and the smell is beyond compare for living - love the stingy dog by the way. Nice scents in here - enjoyed and felt glad in the celebration ~slc~



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Lady A,

'The poet praises the praiseworthy'.  There you are as you have acknowledged the same.  Thank you so much for your praises.  The love for the stingy dog, I am just not able to understand...! But I understand the ode to dirt!