Saint David Patron Saint of Wales



Dewi Sant was born in 489 at Capel Mon.

Born of Royal lineage to King Sant and Saint Non; who was also of Arthurian line.

Dewi helped found many monasteries and many a Christian converts he made anon.

Known also as "Dewi Ddyfrwr" - "Dewi the water drinker" and never indulged in the wine.

Tall, handsome and physicaly strong.

Fair of countenance and disposition.

Blind Saint Paulinus his tutor; found Dewi studious and could do no wrong.

Dewi Sant's fellow missionaries, Saints Padran and Teilo:through  Britain,Cornwall, Ireland and Jeruselm they pilgrimaged in aspiriation.

Accomplished and acclaimed missionary to the Celtic World.

Accredited mass popularity for his Christian endeavours.

As Abbott and then Bishop Dewi Sant was succesfull and bold; so too as Archbishop of Wales is how the tale is told.

At the Synod at Llandewi Brefi: Dewi was elected Archbishop of Wales - at Glyn Rhosy monastry the crowd gathered; and witnessed a miracle

the ground rose and a Spring fountained up; then everyone could see Dewi Sant receive his Holy honours.

So there appeared at Glyn Rhosy/Rosy Vale a Spring:

Of water and rivers Dewi Sant was zealously inspired.

Submerged in freezing flowing depths he would joyfully sing.

Doing penance to his God; he would recite and chant Holy text; he was so well versed.

Daily "Dewi Ddyfrwr"; consumed only watercress and water.

He was reputed to have lived until he was a hundred.

On his deathbed Dewi's last words were "Gwynewch y pethau bychain" - "do the little things in life" -for the needs of the poor and sick cater. 

The first of March in 589 Archbishop Dewi Sant of Wales died; so it has been recorded.

On this day at Glyn Rhosy monastry, it was filled with the sounds of  Angels as Dewi Sant's soul ascended to be received by Jesus Christ.

By Anita Griffiths

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Just history - but I love it.

My Favourite Art Form:

The Topic of Art:


As recently as a year ago I started studying art and it's many types of creating in paints e.g. water colour, acrylics and oil painting. Also charcoal sketching and drawings even tracings. 

Before I attended art classes, I did not practice art at all. I used to view pictures, particularly scenic landscapes and be quite overwhelmed at what I was looking at. My knowledge of art being very sparse; I always felt at a disadvatge, by not knowing the basics and how to approach creating very many of the effects that make a painting.

Looking back and remembering my first attempt at art; was a beach scene in watercolour. The pale blue sky and white fluffy clouds, lovely yellow sands and of course the sea, set between beach and sky. With a raised landfall area to the right of the picture. I was so very pleased with the results, I could hardly retain myself until the next lesson.

The first arcrylic painting I created was a landscape sceine of an old fashioned village, complete with duck pond. Being new to art I found acrylic painting not only so very different from watercolour painting, but also quite interesting and I have to say less messy than watercolour.  

Another art form I was introduced to is abstract art: this type of art work incorporates the usage of different materials and or texture, built up: to portray the non-conforming art style known as abstract. This type of art I think, takes a lot of imaginatison, to create a portrait of a person or even a scene.Sketching is challenging also and I have observed that I am better at reproducing geometric shapes, than I am, for instance, at creating the human form.

I have a tendancy to make organized patterns of my shapes in art; which the art teacher is at pains to point out to me. Also to add a variance, or scattering casualness to my art work.

Being able to sketch, draw or even trace well is a good quality to poceses for art, as this ability will help establish the foundation of the painting.


Oil  painting is so different in comparison to acrylic or watercolour. Personaly I think to paint in oil is quite involved work and what you create takes a long time e.g. at least six months; to wait for the oil painting to dry properly and be ready for viewing.

With art a person can be completly absorbed in the scenes establishment and design; choices of season, light and shade positioning also a choice of colours and for blending.

No matter how ammerterish a person's art skills are; there is always a sense of achievement, once the work is complete. Art is a very pleasant hobby and a great way to while away a few hours and create.

A person's art endeavours can also be shared : by entering into competitions and art exhibitions.

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I like to create,  art is great. What's your favourite art form or painting, your own work a friends or even the more well know and famous artists?

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The Record Store, flash fiction story

The record store


It started with gray, gray everywhere. But it wasn’t in any sort of literal way; it was just a really rainy day that most of the room was turning gray. Two girls were lying at the floor with no motivation and lipstick smeared all over their chins. “This Is killing me, man” “Yeah, I know, but you were the first one who wanted to wake up early y’know?” “So what should we do?” “Well, it’s rainy, and we ate most of the food between yesterday and today, do you have any money left at all?” “As a matter of fact, I do, you know I’m very good with my savings” “Yeah? What about last weekend” “So? Do you want the money or not?” “Let’s go to a record store” “But it’s far away” “Your parents aren’t home anyway, and we have no electricity in this place, we might as well just stay here and it won’t change the fact that there’s nothing else to do” “Fine” one of the girls sighed “But if we do go to the record store, I’m not leaving that place until I find something of The Strokes” “Yeah yeah, hurry”. So they left the house and went to the nearest Record Store, and it was still gray everywhere. Gray, buildings, gray sky, gray people. They Arrived. And although it was still gray, it wasn’t empty at all. They entered, and assistant boys with black shirts were stacking everything really fast, because discounts of New Year ’s Eve were getting near.  “You go that way” pointing the alternative area “And I’ll go that way” pointing the oldies but goldies area. The girl at the oldies but goldies was mostly searching for gifts,  but she actually found very good ones by 80s artists such as Robert Smith, Morrissey and other, and of course, Glam forgotten artists. “There are so many” she sighed again. One of the boys with blue shirt arrived “Is there anything I Could help?” “No thank you I’m actually pretty fine” The boy, although he looked tired and as if he didn’t had a shower in 2 days still smiled with kindness “I see you’re holding a The Cure and The Smiths records, do you fancy 80s music?” “I Like it, yeah, it’s ideal for this weather” “I totally agree” “Thanks anyway” But the Boy still smiled and got closer “You know, tomorrow we will have more discounts than today, you should come back tomorrow, too” “Ah, you’re just saying that to help you get more money to your company” “You caught me”, the boy laughed, and leaned towards a stack of vinyl’s “You know, my mother introduced me to The Cure when I was little, I never thought I could like them so much, sometimes I’m very impatient with music, I like it or I don’t, and there’s no in between,  for example” and he took a bunch of albums very rapidly “Out of these ones (They were  New Order, Poison, Pulp, and other) “Do you think I could like them?” “Uh, I don’t know” the girl started to worry but remained calm “Probably, if you listened them” “Yeah I guess you’re probably right, but still, I hate it when bands change their style completely, like the Monkeys, do you like the Monkeys?” “Arctic?  Yeah, they’re good, I have most of their albums” “Well, their new one is terrible, it arrived really early in here, and I got a free sample” The boy started to get closer but still he was getting a childish-like anger. “…And It was terrible, don’t get me wrong, I love them, but I just can’t dig it, it’s not good music to me anymore, and my last girlfriend, oh my god, did she like ‘em, she was just a pain in my butt, always talking about them, not that I don’t like girls that like the monkeys, it’s just, I like more care-free girls, or maybe that’s just me, you know, they say, boys and girls look people who resemble to their parents, I think that’s psychology, not sure, but I’m studying a masters in politics so I’ll have to search for that ”


 “I need to listen to it. And, I guess, wasn’t that a Freud theory?” “We have it right there, but buy these ones today, and If you come tomorrow I can make you a great discount” “Sounds great” said the girl trying to keep up with the boy’s temperament “So, I know this will be me rushing too fast, and It’s illegal, don’t tell anyone, let me buy you a coffee, Starbucks, yeah” “As in, today?” “Or whenever you say” “Okay, okay, let me go back tomorrow” Sounds excellent to me” “Thank you, so that’ll be it, I have to back with my friend” “It was nice meeting you” the boy was still smiling with kindness but it was noticeable the lack of sleep he had “He probably had a lot of coffee” the girl said to herself to calm herself down of the amount of experiences she had with just one person. She went with her friend. The other girl was smirking almost laughing at her face “So I see you had fun ehhhhhhhhhh?” “Shut up” “Oh, come on! He’s not the craziest people you have met, and you know that, he actually looks nice, without that, caffeine, not-showering-in-days-look” “He talked about his mother and his ex-girlfriend with me, and other stuff I can’t remember” “Keeper!” the girl shouted “Shut up!” the other one blushed and gave a little punch to the other girl “Hurry up, please” “No, no, maybe I should talk to him too, he could become part of the family soon enough” “You’re terrible, I’m not buying you albums” “Alrighty, it’s okay, I got everything let’s go, I see you’re suffering” The Girl, still red took the albums and paid for everything.  They went out of the store, the boy was looking at them, but he was attending some other people. “It’s over now, let’s go and eat” “Yeah”. It was still gray, the buildings and people were still gray,  but even though it was gray, they gave the girls something to talk about on a gray day.  


Everyone's trying to be like everyone else,
Wasting time, getting lost in themselves.
So many issues, no one pays attention,
A tough time for working men and women.

We've got kids starving on the street,
The rich have money, but cold hearts don’t beat.
No one even makes an effort to pitch in,
Can someone tell me, what’s wrong with our society?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My second poem, please comment :)