I took a long look in the mirror this morning and boy was I surprised…I think the best way to put it would be…I couldn’t believe my eyes.


There was a time my eyes were much bluer…a brighter…vivid shade…

when…I wondered as I stared…did their color begin to fade?


And when did the skin underneath them begin to droop and sag…when did my once youthful face develop old man bags?


At first glance, I admit, I was taken aback…I was shook…so I leaned into the mirror to take a closer look.


Up close I didn’t see the bags or notice their color had lost their sheen…up close all I saw were all the wonders these eyes have seen.


Yes, these eyes may have grown a little older…they may have developed a few scars…but they’ve also seen the colors of a rainbow…sunsets…the ocean…shooting stars.


These eyes have seen love as it’s unfolded in many a shape and size…love both given and received I saw reflected in these eyes.


These eyes have seen me make mistakes…they’ve seen me make amends…they’ve been happy as they’ve witnessed the beginning of life…and sad to see life end.


They’ve seen flowers bloom in Spring…Fall colors and Winter snows…they’ve seen many a baby’s smile…o moonlit night…they’ve seen my family grow.


These eyes have seen the joys of living…they’ve seen its sadness and its fears…they’ve been overcome with laughter…they’ve been filled with tears. 


As I leaned back from the mirror…my vision seemed more keen…comforted and energized by all the sights my eyes have seen.


I walked away forgetting how much their color’s faded…or how those bags under Tham came to be…and excited to experience all the sights they’ve yet to see.



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The first time I see a newborn…I am always a bit surprised at the wonder I experience when I look into their eyes.


I see a future that looks rosy…one that, no doubt, for the parents will come too fast…but as I glimpse into their future from my present…in their eyes I also see their past.


They are surrounded by family and friends…who, by their expressions, already adore them…but also in their expressions I see the faces of all those who came before them.


I see Grandma’s, Grandpa’s, Uncles, Aunts…everyone smiling and glad…

I see brothers and sisters…nephew’s and cousins…I see Mom and I see Dad.


And when I look a little closer I see how all these faces harmonize…It appears to me as plain as day…when I look into their eyes.


How lucky are the newborns…not only because of all those people who’d been awaiting them…but for all the people in their past who played a huge part in creating them.


This is why when I see a newborn…I will always be surprised…at the wonder I experience…when I look into their eyes.

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When I think about my eyes…I am filled with adulation for like many of my body parts…they’re a marvel of creation.


Allowing me with just a turn of my head to see the world around me.

Opening my heart and mind to the beauty that surrounds me.


But when I look at you, however, I find there is a limit to what my eyes can see.

The same limitations, I imagine, your eyes have…when you look at me.


At the moment you and I meet…the instant we begin…I can see if you’re old or young, tall or short…I can see the color of our skin.


These things my eyes can see from up close or even from afar…but what my eyes are unable to see…is what makes you who you are.


What I see is the exterior, a semblance…a facade…I cannot see what religion you are…I can’t see if you even believe in God. 


I can’t see what your parents were like, where you grew up, if you have enough food to eat.

I can’t see if you’re married, raising children by yourself, scraping by to make ends meet.


I cannot see the sexual preferences you were born with, if your brain work fast…or slow…I cannot see the experiences you’ve had in life or the gender you might be struggling to know.


My eyes can only see so much…because the last time that I checked…who you are is where all the things I can’t see intersect.


I wish there was a way to see how all these different part of you align…to view with a bit of clarity the way they intertwine.


If I did perhaps I’d be more accepting…perhaps I wouldn’t begrudge…perhaps if my eyes could see a little more…a little clearer…I’d be less likely to misjudge.


Perhaps this simple wish will, one day, come to be…until then I’ll try to remember there is so much more to you than what my eyes first see.

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He thought he knew where love originated…

where in the body it lies

He was sure it was in the heart…

until he looked into her eyes.


He thought he knew how time and memory relate to one another…

He thought he knew…and yet

when he looks into her eyes he can’t remember a time before they met.


He thought he knew where his life was heading

but it wasn’t until their two lives crossed

until he looked into her eyes…that he knew he had been lost.


He thought he new about happiness and joy

but much to his surprise…

He only began to understand them

when he looked into her eyes…


Her eyes have taught him about life

with every joy they shared

with every sorrow they overcame….

and he hopes after a lifetime of looking into his

her eyes feel the same.




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I’ve been blessed with much good fortune in my life

many gifts of which I prize,

but one thing that I have never had

is a healthy pair of eyes…


Oh, I see fine with glasses…with corrected vision as it were,

but once I take them off..my worlds a mass of clouds and blur…


The other day, at Siding Rock I needed my grandchildren as my guide

when I had to take my glasses off if I was going to slide.


So up and down that rock we went…and I enjoyed the blur

even when they got too far ahead of me and I couldn’t tell who they were.


The extent of my misfortune comes to light…in this photo my daughter took

as I stood there with my grandchildren at the side of that fast moving brook.


The photo shows us all waving…and my grandchildren seemed to have no objection

as they waved at their mother taking the picture while I waved in another direction.


Everyone laughed when they saw the photo…as families are wont to do

and I must admit when it was shown to me…I started laughing too…


Even though I didn’t have my glasses on…and I wasn’t sure where their laughter begat…

because to me everyone in the picture was a blur…

and I didn’t know what I was laughing at.


But I’ve never minded having bad eyes…having blurred vision whenever I swam…

It makes for some good family humor and it’s just a part of who I am.


For you see I’ve been lucky to have many gifts in my life

and when, with so much I have been blessed,

it matters not if one of those gifts

Is a little blurrier than the rest.




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How deeply did those eyes reach into me,

What horrors and confession they drew from me!

In such an ease of way, that nothing mattered, but the warm bath 

Lapping my sins into a whiter, paler colour 

Compelled, I spoke of shame 

They offerd no restoration 

But I was becoming cleaner, lighter.

And staring back, 

 I felt as if I could only see so far

Cloudy swirls would not receed and I grew desperate for connection.

The more I confessed, the more I moved a little deeper

But with all I could possibly remember; 

As light as a feather and white as the clouds, 

I saw no further. 

I began to despair!

Eyes closed, 

I worship









How deeply did those eyes reach into me

What horrors and confession they drew from me

In such an ease of way that nothing mattered but the warm bath 

Lapping ny sins into a whiter colour 

Compelled i spoke of shame 

They offerd no restoration 

But i was becoming cleaner, lighter.

And staring back I felt as if i could only see so far

cloudy swirls would not receed and i grew desperate for connection 

The more I confessed I moved a little deeper

But with all I could possibly remember 

As light as a feather and white as the clouds

I saw no further 

I began to despair 

Eyes closed 

I worship 







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