The first time I see a newborn…I am always a bit surprised at the wonder I experience when I look into their eyes.


I see a future that looks rosy…one that, no doubt, for the parents will come too fast…but as I glimpse into their future from my present…in their eyes I also see their past.


They are surrounded by family and friends…who, by their expressions, already adore them…but also in their expressions I see the faces of all those who came before them.


I see Grandma’s, Grandpa’s, Uncles, Aunts…everyone smiling and glad…

I see brothers and sisters…nephew’s and cousins…I see Mom and I see Dad.


And when I look a little closer I see how all these faces harmonize…It appears to me as plain as day…when I look into their eyes.


How lucky are the newborns…not only because of all those people who’d been awaiting them…but for all the people in their past who played a huge part in creating them.


This is why when I see a newborn…I will always be surprised…at the wonder I experience…when I look into their eyes.

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