Our lives will have their share of joy and happiness

with a sprinkling of sorrow and pain

They will see their share of sunshine.

They will see their share of rain.


At times we will find ourselves in the midst of a joy…

like we’ve never felt before…

when all of a sudden sorrow

comes knocking on our door.


At times we will find ourselves consumed with sorrow…

wondering if it will ever end

and suddenly find joy waiting for us

just around the bend.


Knowing life can change in an instant…

No matter what we plan…

We try to remember to enjoy the joy

every moment that we can.


And when sorrow is a visitor

We try never to lose sight…

how her shadows will eventually fade

In the joyfulness of light. 


Knowing life is unpredictable

always changing

and has no guarantees

we close our eyes

we fold our hands

and we get down on our knees.


We pray that fate or destiny 

or the universe will be kind…

that when sorrow enters our life…

joy is never far behind.

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When our heart is filled with sorrow we find it hard to comprehend

why this happened in our life…why to our family or friends?


Yet it’s preposterous to think in a world where every living thing must die

that sorrow will overlook us...will somehow pass us by.


Just as joy has the capacity to surprise….sorrow has the capacity to shock.

The pendulum of life swings back and forth...at any hour of the clock.


In those inevitable moments when sorrow descends upon our land

It helps for me to envision it…like a castle in the sand.


At the onset a castle built of sadness stands tall...seizing our full attention.

Our life has slowed and is now crowded with misery, fear and tension.


Our face which one time was awash in smile is now in constant frown

but soon our tears, like the ocean’s waves, begin to tear that castle down.


It happens ever so slowly leaving us to wonder if we can go on

until one day we awake to find that castle is now gone.


We find we can be happy again, and though we’ll never be the same

our sorrow has dissolved back into the sands from which it came.


Certainly sorrow has done her damage, causing torment, causing pain

and in her wake upon our heart a lasting scar remains.


But that scar not only reminds us of the sorrow we’ve been through

It also shows, no matter what the pain, that we can heal too.


It shows we can survive...it shows we can withstand

It shows even our deepest sorrow will eventually dissolve…


like a castle in the sand.

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What can I say to ease your sorrow? In a lifetime of words I’ve spoken…how do I find the right ones…

to ease a heart that’s broken?


When I see that you are hurting…that you’re struggling

know this to be true…

Because I know you…admire you…love you…

my heart is breaking too.


I am struggling with how to act…knowing I can’t make your pain go away.

I’m struggling knowing what to do….finding the right words to say.


I know the right words at the right time

might soothe your heart and brighten your day. 

While the right words at the wrong time

will fall like the first snow of winter and quickly melt away.


I am also struggling because it’s often hard to determine…often hard to see

exactly when the right time is…exactly what the right words might be.


With that in mind…I offer these words today…it’s all that I can do…

Read them now if you are ready…

or wait till the time is right for you.


Know that just like other setbacks you have faced 

you will emerge from this one…it’s true!

for scars are merely a part of life…and can be beautiful too. 


Know that as sad as you are there will come a time…

only you know where…or when…

you will hurt a little less…

smile a little more 

and find your happiness again.


Know that as long as I am living …through your sunshines and your rains

I will rejoice in all your joys…I will share in all your pains. 


And finally, no matter what happens to you in life…

let this in your heart be known…

as long as I am living…


you will never be alone.

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What if the death of any person anywhere hurled us into blackness

a world of darkness we could not shun

as if when that person was taken from this world

someone permanently shrouded the sun.


What if it led to a sadness so pervasive…even on the most beautiful days of Spring

we cold not see the flowers bloom…we could not hear the songbirds sing.


What if the death of any person anywhere threw us into a hole of sadness out of which we could not climb

an anguish…a sorrow so profound…it could not be absorbed by time…


What if the death of any person anywhere in the world hurled us into blackness

a world of darkness we could not shun…

Perhaps then we’d find a way to do away with wars,

with bombs…

with killing…


with guns.

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He was already a man of few words

but her death left him completely silent 

and bereft

as if she took to heaven with her


whatever few words he had left.

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As he watched her sigh so plaintively

a sigh filled with sorrow and chagrin

it made him wonder 

if it isn’t sighs


that initiate the wind.

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She did not want anyone to see her grief, 

her sorrow 

her sadness

her pain

So she waited for the clouds to form 


and did her crying in the rain.

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She was seven when her family moved away…

She was sad…she didn’t know what to do

as she waved goodbye to all her friends

and the only home she ever knew.


Her parents said they have a nice new house

that she’d make new friends…

still she pined…

For how could she make new friends

when she left her heart behind?



They were married only 20 years

When his wife unexpectedly passed away…

He didn’t have time to say goodbye

To plead with her to stay…


Friends said he was still young

that he’d find another wife as gentle and as kind

but he knew that would be impossible

when he left his heart behind.



A loss of any kind is difficult…

when there is so much that we miss…

If there is anything we must remember…

we must remember this…


For anyone who experiences a loss

we must keep this in mind…

It’s never easy to move ahead

when you’ve left your heart behind.


So we must show them patience and love

For in their own time they will discover

That there is happiness ahead…


That their heart can and will recover.

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Her sorrow at her loss was overwhelming….

It wold not leave her side

So she sought the wisdom of an old friend

In whom she could confide….


“Today your forest is dark.” Her friend said.

“For darkness is what sorrow brings.

All the trees are bent in sadness.

All the birds have broken wings.”


“You cannot force your happiness to return.” she said

Your heart…cannot be deceived.

You must allow yourself this sadness

You need this time to grieve.”


“But when will my sorrow end?” She asked

I’ve been sad for much too long….”

Her friend smiled…

There is no right way to deal with sadness

just as there is no wrong.”


Your sadness will always be there

some days it lies dormant…other days it churns

but slowly when you least expect it…

happiness will return…


The day you smile in spite of your tears

is the day your happiness will again be revealed….

The day you can tell your story and no longer cry…

It is the day you know you’ve healed.”

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