Dust and its weird caprice,

 Does reckless things,

 Endeavours to own like Alexander,

 Every possible place.


Like Hybris, arrogant it is so,

 Persistent as well,

 Revisits elatedly even if brushed away,

 Hating most the word, NO.


Napoleon does breathe in its core,

 Overconfidence ushers its presence,

 Though dead it is,

 Yet is made alive by the current of air.


 Hunger for power is what,

 It knows of; infiltration and invasion being its monikers,

 Ravana’s satanic inclination,

 Finds its fullest expression in the maneuver of dust.


Tiny dust with power so matchless,

 Scared of none,

In doing what it feels like,

 Can't we learn from it perseverance and patience?


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Ashes Of The Phoenix



In the early morning sun I travel eastward,

My shadow follows every step

And I fear nothing,

The comfort of its presence,

Like the warmth of the sun's rays upon my skin,

It makes no sound except for the echo of my smiles

Seen only in its darkened gloom,

And as the minutes of the daytime draw to dusk 

It begins to hover over my then weary form,

And grows to the heights of which my soul cannot touch,

And the wind brushes my face,

And my hair becomes coarse with the sand of the desert,

Dry and brittle,

Broken leaves dancing feverishly off-beat

To the rumble of doom.



The sun...once lighting my way, 

Now becomes as a thief in the night,

As it burns me with no fire, 

And the shadow so befriended in the day's beginnings,

Swallows me whole under the moonlight, 

And no one hears me cry, or plead for some small shread of hope,

And no mercy knows of my name, and no dream finds me,

The very beating of my heart has been forgotten by any living being,

But my eyes are singed and soon opened wide

Like a shattered pane of glass upon jagged rock

To see my heart upon the dusty earth.


And as the quill dips itself into the well of blood 

That pools at the edges of each pulse,

It writes the word...







Copyright 2013



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Red Clouds Of Dust


The red clouds of dust gather
the dead of earth rise
angels fall from the sky
like bitter tears that fall from our eyes

The suffering of death is long
the agony of life brief
we walk this dry earth
our souls infested with grief

The legacy has been snuffed out
the memory in decay
our last existing breath
like sand has been washed away.

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