High School Graduate

I became a High School Graduate twenty years ago today. My diploma has today's date on it but I didn't actually receive it until two weeks later on July the 5th. I dropped out of High School in 1986 but years later, I took a High School correspondence course through the mail with ICS (International Correspondence Schools). A few people thought that what I received was a GED. It's not a GED. It's a regular High School diploma.


While I took the correspondence course, I never once failed. That made me proud. The lowest grade that I received was an 80. ICS put out an Honor Roll a few times each year. Because my grades were so good, my name appeared on the Honor Roll at least four times.


I began taking the correspondence course in April of 1993 and I graduated twenty-six months later. When I began, I remember that I was in a hurry to study Science. Luckily, Science was the second subject that ICS required its students to study. Studying and getting passing grades at this school was no easy task but I did succeed.


When I dropped out of High School nearly thirty years ago, it was a mistake. But when I dropped out, I promised myself that I would one day graduate. I'm happy and very proud that I kept that promise. If you are in High School, don't make the same mistake that I made. Don't drop out.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a true story.

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Where Do I Go?

 Where do I go from here?


I was so close,

So near.

I could see a happy ending in my head,

the vision was so clear,

But now I'm left incapacitated by this growing fear.

And it's not even that I don't know where to go,

I actually have an idea.


Well, a few options you could say.

The first few involve me going out of my way,

Working my ass off just to make ends meet each day,

But at least I can be around the only ones I call family.

And that would make it all worth it no matter how little the pay.


And the other choice?

I'd have to cast aside the voice telling me to stay.

Just to make a comfortable living with a few extra bucks,

But I just feel that isn’t my way.


How can I be comfortable or content without my family?

This is the end of college,

The start of life.

I'm suppose to feel free!

Yet, that feeling just won't come to me.


Because I know what I have to do.

I must leave.

I must say goodbye,

This is our end, and I cant even clearly justify why.

I'm so sorry.

I really am.

But know that I won't be happy.

Each day I will die,

little by little,

life escaping with each sigh,

And I still cant justify why...




- The Craziness

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