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Animating Fear

Satish Verma

For whom the bruised
fingers tap the door of
invincible death?

When the water will
touch the feet of dying earth,
to pay homage?

Man stands in mudhole
watching sunflowers to wilt
with waning sunlight.

Conflict Of Centuries

Satish Verma

The emptiness of
ageing cells seeks a tiger
to maul the house.

Of sizzled dreams.
Why one has to become
ethereal in―

Quest for elixir?
I peel off tangerine's
strange red skin.

I Am You

Satish Verma

A brick by brick for―
repeat of coming wall
in between us.

The ill-faith was
taller than the divide,
searching deceit.

It was not possible.
Something doesn't make
you human again.


Satish Verma

Come inside
me and explore god of
fire burning the world.

A miracle was
not the answer. The pathless
trek ends in water.

To live or not
to live like light
in eyes of moon.


Satish Verma

I see dark lines
under your eyes. Something
was amiss.

Tears had dried
up. One does not get
even the longing.

To find the missing
letter to tell the desire.
Will you follow me?

Absurd hyphens increase.
Do you get some serenity
from bloodberries?

Cannot hold on―
my lovely rags. Words talk,
hello the pain.

All Is Forgiven

Satish Verma

Don't give me aches,
by becoming tall.
I will not change my style.

Not scared. There
was a pause, between
the screams.

There you were
playing with the other truth,
which was not mine.

I was not alone,
buried in your hums.
Pain was my goddess!

The lamb was dead
taking off her coat. I wear
the skin of dandelions
to walk on wet land.

Blurred Landscape

Satish Verma

It was frightening
to grow up in light.
You wanted to come out
in dark for gene intimacy.

There were long
shadows of words, which
had their own character
and morality.

The suspense hovers.
The spark ignites the double
kiss when asked, stitching
the break.

In finding myself
anew, I lost you.
Death will not separate fragrance
from the rose.


Satish Verma

In nightshade
you had come, as a
prodigy, from the deep
sea of pain.

Digging the hole,
you made the first move.
Beautiful stop, after―
a long detour to find peace.

You craved, what
you wouldn't get. Something
breaks in my jar.
Rembrandt cries after
the ‘Night Watch'.

I will not go for
self-portrait again.
I want to become free
from the burning canvas.

At The Beginning

Satish Verma

A dewdrop climbs
a cloud to inspect the
Broca's area and tears.

My speech was
fragmented, picking the
wrong words to convey―
the pith.

Weary thoughts tremble.
You won't be near me, when
the jungle burns.

A war always
looms large, between the sky
and caged birds.
I don't want to break.

Venus flytrap,
becomes my home, I need
to sit at the edge
till sun sets.