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Deeper Meanings

Satish Verma

Still I am looking
at the path, from where you

In void between
living and dead, leaving no
memory to drape.

The dust will recall
the weight of footfalls in
air to bleed stones.

Telling Truth

You failed me.
O god, your shadow one day
will break from you.

We had ached
together once. You are now
larger than death.

Going beyond sky,
you will step into space, and
I will start wailing.

Candle Burns In Colors

Satish Verma

Will mediation
work? I don't know.
Half-truths will betray.

A united birth
of good and evil. Was
it ordained? How do you
mend the eternal tear?

We had climbed
together the steps of god's
mount. But temple was
in ruins. Deity mauled.

The bullet holes
stillbleed. This was a
perfect win of black moon.
I cannot drink your tears.

Does it matter? You
were loosing the charisma?

Not Parting

Satish Verma

Keep your persona
blessed. I miss you.

Do you meet the
mockingbird often? Ask
the larkspur to stay open
the spur. I may come any day
to give a kiss.

Why did you
embrace the path
of submission, leaving
the prophet of mercy?

Between why and
how I was discovering
myself in vain.

Do you believe
in seclusion of pain?
I always cried in dark.

Learning From Relics

Satish Verma

Like holocaust,
rolling moon brings
massacre. You
burn inside.

The empire was in
ruins, I was searching
peace in half-truths.

A flying snake
lands on your chest,
when you were asleep.
You wouldn't find a clue.

The philosophy of
dying in beauty creates
a myth.

Why did you play with
questions. There were no

The Scorpio

Satish Verma

Stitch your eyes
before you see the slit,
in the rock, that brought
an earthquake.

The sensors were
becoming robotic. You cannot
feel touch or smell the

The spider silk
was very strong. It
twists your reasoning without
spilling blood.

Pass on-some salt.
It was too sweet to believe
in the words of a half-soul.

I want to get back
my old pain.


Satish Verma

All night you were
talking to moon in dance.
I will catch you
in sleep.

A daughter of
Miranda, sucked in dark,
the tarentula, the choice
of ultimate.

You cover the blood
on knife. Someone has paid
for betrayal. No charity,
no will of god.

Eyes move like
dragonflies. Between her
and him an unborn
sun folds the leg and sleeps.

I become my own lover.


Satish Verma

Again a forest
walks, wounded and broke.
I sculpt a poem.

To get some relief
of truth, give me a vedic
hymn, Beethoven script.

The spring waits in
the buds of chest. When love
sprouts, look at the moon.

A virgin kiss
of Karma, turns the page.
Acid-burned, my hand
hold the pen.

And I think of
the beautiful orchids trying to
find a home.


Satish Verma

Your feet had
turned stones. The return
of the gale will find―
blood marks.

Embalmed was your
spirit in my roses. The
heart of garden trembles.

A lone pain
flutters in exile. I will
not meet you at moon.
The greek tragedy repeats.

The spark was
caged. I was trying to
find shelter under bottlebrush
in howling rain.

I will not call a stop.