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Navigating You

Satish Verma

Tell me how to break
the moon, when night weeps
to bring home stars.

Anyone cannot be
my lover to walk the sun
for wooing marigolds.

And one day I will
not wait for you to bring
back the spring in eyes.

Compelling Charm

Satish Verma

Don't pick smoked
words. Drink milk of moon
for rapture of deep.

Will not define
the war. Impairs vision
and you flounder.

Who was victor
at the end? We go crazy, and
give you a name.

You Smell Murder

Satish Verma

I was tired of
repeating mantras for

The hidden mounts
want to revolt against sun
for the crying moon.

Bargaining has
begun between flesh and bones.
You pay to draw blood.

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Satish Verma

Undivided pain―
we will share in the
moonless night and
wait for the sun.

Play down the tears,
when the light comes
and lick the salt of
dry lips.

I will consider
not to surrender before
any god after the bath
of blood.

Why the architect
destroys the beautiful
garden bestowing the seeds
to earth?

Becoming A Totem

Satish Verma

Moon was playing
with a skylark. I give
a whistle. He ducks behind
the palm.

This was your figment
of imagination. You had
said, bring the last sound
of the forest.

I was the giver.
I am the taker.

An immaculate kiss
of the flame will decide
the destiny of bullet.

There was no distance
between the lips and
the hiss of the venomous snake.

Empty Bowls

Satish Verma

Standing alone
in darkness of stairwell
searching light.

You were not immortal
I had lost my speech
in my pain's birth.

Why it had to
happen, altering the genes
of unborn progeny?

I miss my divine
peace. You say nothing.
Space between nights shrinks.

We were scared.
Sun was hiding. I re-send
my prayer. Never pick
the meaning.

In My Small Fists

Satish Verma

You seldom touch
the flames of eyes, when
I believed it was true.
Your hand burns.

Ceremonial. I
pluck the roses in
delirium. O pain-giver
there was beautiful blood.

Cloud, cloud tears
slip for thousand of years
to reach the dry lips of iris.
Why did I go blind?

After the snake bite
you turn blue, a goddess
of forgotten sins, I
will never blame you.


Satish Verma

Why did I go
for you at the end of road?
Copper weeps.

Like air hugging
you, smelling your wet
scented hairs.

Poverty was a gift
of god. You were very
rich. Strange!

What you will
wear at the death of moon?
sun was red.

Signing on the
skin of dying butterfly,
what you wanted to say?

Put off the lamp.

Common Thoughts

Satish Verma

Dying daily
without touching you.
A panther plays―
with a fawn and then eats him.

The mode of living
is changing. I rise with
sun and fall with moon.

Read me in your
palms and recite the
prayer to belongingness.

Ah, all the miseries
were coming on surface.
Who failed the religion,
the fidelity?

You don't want to
come near end. Will aesthetics
save you?