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Satish Verma

Joining back tribe
was not atonement
for separation.

The truth pricks like
needles in eyes. What it was,
comes through my poems.

Picking up pieces
of wounded light to draw
a map of darkness.


Satish Verma

Can you feel pulse
of a moment before it
explodes on face?

I have yet to find
my tiger to ride for an
antique encounter.

You squeeze the red flesh
to find out viper.


Satish Verma

Defining hunger
I become metaphysical,
trying to locate me.

A pain transcends
space and time and I wake
between the words.

I was not there
where the honey spells doom.
Death has many doors.


Satish Verma

To live again, I
will not come after dying for
you. Resurrection?

I ask the dust, when
did you slip from the moon
to kiss immortal?

Don't leave a cut
on the sandstone to mark
the anniversary.


Satish Verma

It hurts me, my poems
when you don't come in dreams.
Moonlight waits.

How devastated
was your faceless voice in dark!
The nightingale cries.

Like "la grippe"
the noiseless words leave the
night wounds in eyes.

Akin To Madness

Satish Verma

You always tried
to conceal the imperfect
hunting under moon.

One must recite
the ghost mantras to
be bohemian.

They will pound
the chests with whole kin
to pacify the pir.

Blue Castles

Satish Verma

Your lips go dry, when
body twirls to catch a kiss.
The sting ever asks.

Unshackled, you will
come to become prisoner
of a seething sun.

Visiting city of
orphanages, you cross the
high rise asylum.

Hanging Eyes

Satish Verma

No ceremony. I
will walk out from the star―
gazing one day.

The spirit moves
away of body to wear the moon
of a dying sun.

I don't like small birds,
that make loud noises
in hollow trees.

Touching Infinite

Satish Verma

You bend like an
ocean to catch the moon―
in twilight of gods.

To deliver godly
gene I pack your smile
in womb of dry roses.

Who returns the loan
of love given to red eyes
paying back in tears!