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The Charity

Satish Verma

Adieu, you may not
become a meal
of violence?

The pheromones are
released for predatior
after the embrace. Don't follow
the path of hawk in sky.

O, opal, what
colour you are going to
opt at the marriage of moon?

The nascent pain
is taking birth. The seed
cannot promise to become
a tree.

The trams morals
are moving like centepeds,
you raise your hand to
ask a question of time!

Myths Of Centuries

Satish Verma

Words would wear the blood caps.
In tyranny of the full moon,
the wound becomes bigger.

Mask after mask,
you will never find the
real face. The cannibalism
makes you sick.

I survived the branding.
O god, I will never
shame you. The virginity
was at stake in the hands
of angels.

You receive the bullet,
when glowers were thrown.
Violence has a price.
Brick by brick you make
the temple again.


Satish Verma

At lake point
I had yet to kiss you.

I always said to
you. Age would never
give clemency.

I must subject
myself for scrutiny.
Where did the math go wrong?

The temple, a
shrine. A viper always

Tell me, would
you ever sign the will
to let go the rope?

Moon and sea, will
maintain the distance.

Imitation Of Supreme

Satish Verma

A bizarre dream,
You come out in starry
night to touch the moon,
and fall on the thorns.

The eccentric nobility
of lords demands the
evidence of slaughter.
But chariot comes empty.

Order, order.
Someone fails in boots.
You walk barefoot
to meet the god of untruths.

The victim stands
like a prey before the grand
master. The beautiful
pagoda implodes.


Satish Verma

A saga of
sacrifice, when the
moon jumped into lake
to save a fish.

A fantasy turns into
a hope. You cut slice of
light to ignite the

Reason always
skips the rope. You were
not counted, when searching
for absolute truth.

I ask you to stop
being you. Move away
from yourself to
survive the holocaust.

If The Road Doesn't End

Satish Verma

Where will you go?
I am not accepting
myself in a windowless

The luxury of
kinship takes a toll.

Will it make a
difference, if you don't
fill in the missing words
in the message unwritten?

It works to kill
yourself for the sake
of dying light,
before the blood moon rises.

There was nothing
left to say.

Silence And Stealth

Satish Verma

In first particles of universe,
was there a beginning?
0r ending of kiss?

Can I study you
in a small shrine of words
where gestures fail?

Into the grace of
surrender, why the flames want
to leave ashes?


Satish Verma

Dust and edifice
under weight of sky. I won't
know, what survives.

Legacy was pure.
You stand like terracotta
warrior, unmoving.

Swaying nightshade
always invites for red berries.
Beauty was lethal.

Rock Truth

Satish Verma

The sudden fall, like
a dropped apple, you
look hurt and wise.

My summer pain will
steal the yellow streak
in the ash of lips.

As if the time has
come to say goodbye to
the scarlet moon.