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Satish Verma

In nightshade
you had come, as a
prodigy, from the deep
sea of pain.

Digging the hole,
you made the first move.
Beautiful stop, after―
a long detour to find peace.

You craved, what
you wouldn't get. Something
breaks in my jar.
Rembrandt cries after
the ‘Night Watch'.

I will not go for
self-portrait again.
I want to become free
from the burning canvas.

At The Beginning

Satish Verma

A dewdrop climbs
a cloud to inspect the
Broca's area and tears.

My speech was
fragmented, picking the
wrong words to convey―
the pith.

Weary thoughts tremble.
You won't be near me, when
the jungle burns.

A war always
looms large, between the sky
and caged birds.
I don't want to break.

Venus flytrap,
becomes my home, I need
to sit at the edge
till sun sets.

Pain And Endurance

Satish Verma

The jungle was ageless.
Moon drops a hint.
Your poems go in flames.

In dark I had
weaved a dream. You were
worshiping a bystander.

The Ars Poetica took
a turn and became a
message for departing sun.

Republic of pain
signs up to cross the death
after meeting the talking trees.

Who will dance
to celebrate the history
of broken hearts?


Satish Verma

Deep within, you
wanted to know earnestly, why
did the things go wrong?

More than asking
you go mad. There were
no questions for god.

Peel of the words,
and lineage falls apart.
A sword was naked.

No Ambiguity

Satish Verma

Set to break;
something was left

Time's portal
lets go yesteryear, and
I ask myself, if the
moons were mine.

The jack screw
had turned the course
of life. Why did you
go for the wax model?

The chilly thing was―
everybody sings a question.
The vendor of pain
will not give the answer.

Anger edicts
to destroy all the moons.


Satish Verma

When I bring moon,
flower, will you simmer in

A tall promise was
broken. To see or not to
see writing on wall.

What was the half-truth
which would change the color of
horizon at dusk?

For Fallen Deity

Satish Verma

No more I will
confront you in rain after
imprint of peach lips.

A collective
scream goes unheard, god sleeps.
The sky burns endlessly.

You will never know,
how do I live, when glacier
breaks, I fall in chasm.

History Of Pain

Satish Verma

Your alignment
with sea was not perfect. You
were wading in sand.

Give me a slip
of eyes. A scion was
ready to catch winds.

Behind the teeth
lies a bloody tongue. Will spell
your ancient name.


Satish Verma

Like a stingray
you hurt. My chest heaves
and falls. God, you―

Remain untouched
in sacred well of honor
like holy water.

I will come back
in tiger cave to count
the stripes of blood.