Why is Soundcloud such a great platform for Artists?

Soundcloud in its purest form is all about independent artists and helping the world discover new under the radar talent. If you buy Soundcloud plays, you will ultimately attract music purists who are looking for new, exciting musicSoundCloud was established in Berlin in August 2007 by Swedish sound designer Alexander Ljung and Swedish electronic musician Eric Wahlforss, and the website was launched in October 2008*


It’s simple to join and is free to use on a basic plan. You have access to millions upon millions of songs without ever having to pay a penny.

For artists, this is fantastic. It attracts an audience to your music that may not be able to afford to listen on other platforms. Although this type of listener is unlikely to purchase your music and merchandise from you, they will incessantly play your tracks over and over to improve your stats and elevate you on the platform.  


Pro-tip - These are your true fans, so look after them. On a freemium plan, you will have access to a simple set of tools to monitor listening stats and distribution. People can download your music directly from the platform and comment on your tracks. All this provides excellent feedback and will help you as an artist improve the quality of your material. So, when you buy Soundcloud comments, you will soon find your tracks filling up with helpful words from music lovers around the world.


Soundcloud promotion is also free to the artist. Where you must pay to distribute your music on Spotify and Apple Music, it's absolutely FREE to upload it to Soundcloud. However, there are a few limitations. If you choose to purchase an inexpensive plan which is similarly priced to its competitors, those restrictions are lifted, and you have access to so many tools and options it's almost like having the backing of a larger recording company and its marketing team.


You can monitor fans, and what they are listening to in real-time, you can distribute music to your fans in real-time. The platform is designed to be social media-friendly too so you can chat away to listeners and potential fans all day if you want to. If you buy Soundcloud followers, you will inevitably build a legion of fans who can take your music to places that isn't possible without the platform.


Soundcloud is mostly optimised for an independent artist to share their music, receive feedback and in the end, profit from their craft. Buying followers on Soundcloud is your ticket to success.

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Words: West Coast Inspiration

My Favorites

I'm in love with a poet.

See he’s a dichotomy—a man of few words until the  spotlight is on him, needing the anonymity of a public forum to release the valve on his private pain.  

I just met him yet have always known him.  

Just the ding of a message makes my heart race, my belly clench and my palms tingle.

We've been riding the same frequencies in parallel universes for centuries.

Then our symbiotic starships  collided.

And the collision was a synergetic vision and though I'm not one for superstition, some meteors carrying our DNA must've had it planned for  millennia .

That he and I would meet in the glow of this prism.

A man for whom chivalry is not a ploy to make a play for my's a state of being.

All I know is that when I saw him incarnate for the first time,--even before words were exchanged, he grabbed my  purse, slung it over his shoulder like my belongings had always belonged there and guided me through the door with one hand at the small of my back and the other  gently wrapped around my waist.

And it felt like home. 

Instant, visceral, spiritual recognition.

My  thoughts are safe on his lips, my feelings secure in his heart.

We're not perfect.  Just perfectly matched in mind...locked together, intertwined like the double  helices that make us, us.

So when at last we shared the same plane of time and  space, there was a cosmic eruption leading to a reduction in fear, inhibition,  insecurity...and clothing.

No, not literally—just removal of all pretenses we use to present ourselves to the world.

He stripped my brain and heart at first glance. I stood there bare and naked, but not exposed to the elements because  he was protecting me.

He covered me with his cerebellum, cradled me in his cranium and laid me down to rest, safe and warm, surrounded by his synapses, my head cushioned on his heartbeat.

His frontal plate swells with the knowledge and emotion pulsing in his cortex...his brow furrows with intense thought like a Klingon, and all I can do is cling on to his every exhalation lest I be ripped away from his gravitational pull, sucked into a black hole, flung into another dimension, spinning out of control.

Would my universe ever realign again if I squander this gift? How could I risk it?

We communicate through breath so our lips were drawn together like magnets to iron shavings, like the needle on a compass is drawn to true north and we wrapped around each other like octopi  conjoined twins...nothing but a tangle of limbs.

He put my moods to music in a  method that matched his madness with a tempo that tangoed off his tongue and merengued back up my spine and out of my mouth to be reborn as a new thought.

He gave me my words back instead of stealing my spirit.

He was buried so deep  in my soul before our eyes ever even met, you would swear his thoughts were oil  wells penetrating my core with pistons pumping and bringing the dark richness
beneath bubbling up to the surface.

I don't remember how I breathed without it.

And that's why I thank him,repay him the only way I know how for reawakening this part of me.

I pay it forward using  my nouns, adjectives and verbs as currency.

I'd been holding my breath metaphorically.

The looming silence a sickness that had paralyzed my lungs.

I didn't even realize I  hadn't been breathing, and then all of a sudden...




An explosion of air from my verbal respiratory system because he was there performing elegiac resuscitation.

He's the poetic paramedic equipped with the oxygen and chest  compressions that saved me just in the nick of time from certain brain death.

My name is sacred on his tongue.

His uvula caresses each syllable of it.
It gives me strength.

I could be standing with my feet in the abyss of the deepest ocean crevasse, and I'd still have my nose higher in the air than the pinnacle of  Everest.

He ain't tall, and I ain't small, but he has no trouble lifting me up, supporting me.

Rename that famed African peak Kylamanjaro because my head is in the clouds.

I'm swimming with cirrus, skipping with the stratus, communing with cumulonimbus.

I wish my legs worked so I could run to him. Dance out this dream diorama.

Yet I know to him that  doesn't matter because my mind has wings.  

And then as quickly as he  appeared, he was gone.  

Until he reappears, my subconscious will  continuously conjure visions of a future duet.

And I'll remember how when  he hugs, his arms are my cocoon.

I'll recall that his lips are lethal, his eyes  enchanting, his artsy intellect the ultimate aphrodisiac.

I just need a sample from his larynx…to place my ear there to feel his vocal chords begin to hum and catch the vibrations that are about to give birth to syllables.

I just need a sip from the mouth that produces such powerful words.

Perhaps that will allow me the chance to collect some poetry by osmosis and bottle its perfume in the Crystal decanter of my memory to recreate an image, the perfumed aroma of a
perfect night.

And that is why his voice is on repeat in my head like my  favorite track until we meet again.

As I said, I'm in love with a poet.
And, yes...he does know it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't get too excited. It's inspired by a fellow poet. Not autobiographical.  Plus...aren't all poets a little in love with each other?

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my churning madness, 

a maelstrom of emotions,

twisting in charcoal and ink,

evening turns to twilight,

and I'm still creating,

as the rest of the world sleeps,

I can recall the moment,

that I became so strange,

I saw a shattered pane of colored glass,

spread across a black asphalt street,

everyone just walked past,

I stood in silent wonder,

staring at the scene,

how could no one else notice,

how beautiful shattered glass could be...

Up Lifting Our Warriors

Up Lifting Our Warriors

Let us take a moment
a moment of silence please
to up lift our warriors
the life we live is not easy

A heart of thundering passion
pain, stress, and anger
loneliness, heartache, depression

Lets not forget the joy and laughter
triumphs and victories
family ties, hugs and memories

We pound the pavement marching
we pound our keyboards
we pound our beats and drums
Si Se Puede
Yes we can and yes we will!

We are your Mothers, Fathers,
Grandmothers, Grandfathers,
Sisters and Brothers,
Daughters and Sons
Children of the Sun

We cry for those without tears
We comfort those whom have fears
We march for those that can't
We speak for those without voices
We fight for those with no choices

We are not glamorous or rich
battle scares and tracks of tears
worn and tired from the years
yet we still rise to battle

In the form of words, song and art
marching, networking, protests
education, love and sharing

We are everywhere
if you but open your eyes to see
fine tune your ears to hear
open your heart to feel

Never forget, always respect
Let us Up Lift the Warriors
Pray to keep them safe
take a moment to smile
reach out a hand in thanks

For all those who came before me
for those that walk beside me
and for all those yet to come
Peace, Honors and Love

Chicahuac Necahuatl
2:54 PM 5/28/2012-2016

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To all that walk and fight for the cause, unjust, immoral, for all my beautiful warriors everywhere!

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