~Happy Thanksgiving Day Wishes To You~

Today is Thanksgiving
A nice day to celebrate
Be around family and friends
Have good time
Enjoy a nice meal
Talk and laugh
Time to get closer
To thank God for everything
Recall His blessings

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

November, 24,2011

Wants And Wishes


I feel like I am stuck in the middle
Like I am suck between now
And what could have been

If only, if only
What might have been?
What never was?

I know I don’t want to go back
Because I know who I was
And that’s not who I want to be

But if I could keep him
And drop all that I used to do
I would like that the most

But I can’t go back in time
No matter how much I wish it
So I can’t waste time on wishes

But I can change the future
But how do I do that?
Maybe, I’ll never know

All this plagues me every night
Makes it so I cant sleep
But maybe that is just because

I want him to be near me
And hold me as I sleep
Oh, back to wishing

Written on
October 1, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was another written to Tom ___. This is jusy a short list of my wants and wishes. I know I cannot change the past, only the future but that does not keep me from wanting or wishing.

Trying without You


It is nonsense, chaos
Cold, burning emptiness
In the spot next to me

This hurt, this longing
It is not right
Never is unless you
Are there filling the void

Breathing life into this wasteland
I hurt you once, walked away
Scarring both of us, knowing what I should

I cannot walk away from you again
I cannot just leave you there broken in tears

I want more than the dreams
I want more than night wishes on the Moon Beams
All I can do is wait and wait as much as I don't want to

Still feeling you feel me, feel my life
Impress my soul, bringing me through the crossover
Of being a man, a pure wolf in the moment

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Wishes Of A Jaded Girl


I opened my eyes today

And welcomed the warm sunlight

Put a smile on my face

Just in case today doesn’t go right


I thought of some good times

And pushed out some bad

Put some thought into

Things I’ve never had


I don’t want what I can’t have

I don’t wish for more than I do

I have always known

Good things will come to you


But I asked today

For one simple thing

Let me lay down my demons

So I can open my broken wings


I need to fly, to be free

I need the wind in my hair

So I can believe for one moment

That life really is fair


Can you help me my friend

Can you help me move on

Even though I can’t really say

I can be that strong



Written on

August 1, 2007

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is ohh so true. Hince the screen name, CrimsonAngel, crimson is the color of blood and angel is what I have always wanted to be. Bloody angel, just because I have been hurt so many times in the past.

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