To my darkest fear

In days of dark I dream of loneliness
In the light, I see her face.
Time moves slowly then,
But is limited, yet.

The thought is etched into me
Like a witch's curse
Her voice, though it calls,
When will it dim?

I awake to tired pictures,
To videos and notes that bleed.
I recall the times we had
And I see the light, once again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hello anyone listening, i'd like to tell a short story followed by a short poem. As much as it pains me to seem like your average young poet writer, I am an 18 year old man, and have suffered with many issues since I was a child. I have isolated myself from others, I wish to always be alone. I work a dead end job to make ends meet, I do not talk to employees, and they seem to enjoy it that way. I recently talked to a girl, she was nice, but it was clear she was different than the other faces I come across everyday, meaningless and odd as they seem. She seemed unhappy, though it was clear she wanted to seem otherwise. We talked, and though we have never said a word about it, we both have a similar outlook on life, we both disregard other people and similarly, don't seem able to understand ourselves despite it. But we understand each other. We both make sense to the alternate. I know I sound painfully like a child in love, trying to make sense of nonsense, but this feeling is meaningful to me. I don't mean to share my life story or anything, but lately, I wonder what is to become of us, and it has worried me. My dreams are unconventional, I see her beauty masked by the grip of death and darkness veiling her body, and i've turned to art to help me explain the reality of this to myself. Poetry has made me see the light in death, and unravel its' mysteries and monstrosities, so I wanted to write something, to give back to an art form which has graced my life, and to share it with the few that shall take the time to read and understand what I am trying to say. I don't do this for attention or fame, even the fun of it is in question of absolute, but it calms me, and I love to hear the stories of people with similar experience.

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You Are the Special One For Me

© by Chuck McGlawn/Chuckest@aol.com

To all those lovers, that have found that Special One. 1/26/2003


You are that Special One for me

It's obvious to all who'll see

You satisfy my fantasy dreams

And fulfill all my life's schemes


Our love can surely stand the test

I'm so content when caressed

My body melds so perfectly

With that Special One meant for me


Ecstasy's what I'm perusing

Loving all the things you’re doing

With you my heart beats passionately

'Cause you’re that Special One for me


I think our hearts beat as one

With you everything is fun

It's my hope that you'll agree

You are that Special One for me.

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*Please Don't Leave Me,Please Stay*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Everything we've gone through

These past weeks how can you just throw away

When deep down inside you knew

Our love was growing stronger each day

Even though I still got you as a friend

My days are still not blue

But you promised you wouldn't let the magic end

Baby please don't leave me

Please stay

Don't set what we have free

Just because that's the way she wants it to be 

Sweetheart can"t you see

God brought us together for a reason

So that stupid broken heart

It wouldn't be with us this season

I guess you didn't mean what you told

Now I'm falling apart

To me, Lies are what you sold

I loved you from the start

But I guess you were too blind

To see the feelings I still have inside

Someone so special again I'll never find

At least towards the world My love for you I won't hide

You promised you wouldn't make me cry

But I guess that was just a dream

Now I feel not myself

My love I need you to seal the seam

So I don't get lost in sadness and happen to die

If you don't want me put me back on the shelf

So I can just collect dust

And sit there with no glisten

In my eye

For me now alone is a must

To the world I'll say bye

A word from my lips

So many tears falling no one will listen


All I want is for you to not disappear

From my life

My broken heartbeat I hope you hear

Because Only you can repair

What has been broken

Why can't you understand

Your love is my token

I want to cherish and keep hold in my hand

This special gift God has given

It's like without you I don't want to go on living

I want to stare into your eyes forever

Have you hold me in your arms

Say "With me only you want to be forever"

To always send your loving charms

To give me your gentle kiss

Yes the one I melt for 

The one I so much miss

Honey you're the only one I adore

You're the only one that makes my heart skip a beat

Makes my feelings fly

I only with you want to create passion

Feel the heat

I ask of God to let us always be friends

For years ahead

Til the end

Remembering on what you said

"I love you too"

That my love I already knew

And guess what sweetheart

I love you

I have from the start

I care for you so

There are so many feelings

I just hope you know

I'll never leave your side no matter what

I pray to God you'll never let me go

And next to you Ill always stand

Because only you can make me glow

So someday down the road once again I hope you'll be my man

This time no one will tare us from eachother 

Because this time around

Our love will be stronger then ever 

I thank God everyday you're the one I found

In my heart you'll be there forever


I want no other 

So please keep that in mind

For when I get you back I'll never let go

Because you're a precious find

That at least I hope you believe

And deep down inside you know

You I can never leave

And even though I can't show it my love will grow

Someday I'll show

Someday I'll make you believe

That we're meant to be

Your charm I always fall for

When we come back to eachother

I'll never set you free

Your love I want more

Just you wait and see

Together won't be a bore

But for now God is in control

Soon all the memories I can store

Always know my heart you stole

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to someone special......Derrick Mann

right before your eyes! 2015

Right before your eyes 2015


there she stands unsure and scared right before your eyes

she has eyes only for you never for any other guys

she'll wait for you till the end of time till death calls her home

you call her every night so shes never to far from the phone

and you brighten her world like the sun does after a spring rain

just so you know your all she wants and ever will again

you made her feel special and thats a feeling shes never really felt

shes as fragile as a flower is after the snow did melt

so dont push her away cuz shes ready to give you her all

and in case you havent noticed shes right before your eyes

never let her go you will feel and hear her silent cries

all she ever wanted was you willing to give of your time

but instead you push her away and that she knows to well

for in the end shes the one who will be in a living hell

shes never felt like this with any one in her life

and when your not with her it cuts just like a knife

so please dont push her away or she will wonder why

that you cant even see whats right before your eyes




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one cuz im going thru something and needed to let it go hope you like it


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*Untitled 5*

 December.11.2003 1:18am

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Sorry to say

But I hadn't the time

Or wasn't told today

That you are a day younger

I mean older (hehe)


So I took some time out

To make you something special

So there is no need to shout

Because here is a card

Made from the heart


I hope you enjoy what you read

Because I'm here if you are ever in need 

For I'll be here till the end

And together forever

We'll always be

Best of friends

Happy Birthday is what I want to send






Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem from a card I made

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Matchmaker, Matchmaker





Matchmakers, matchmakers,

Make that girl a match,

Set her heart on fire, 

Cause I think somebody latched it's latch,

Find somebody who compliments her,

Someone with flair,

Someone to help her see,

That her beauty is very rare.


Don't give her any more losers,

Like the one that turned her out,

She's a diamond, not a pebble,

And no one likes to see her pout,

She's more resentful by the day,

And deserves to be, I'm sure,

Oh please matchmaker, matchmaker,

She deserves so much more!


9:08 AM 7/9/2013 ©



special place

A Faint memory of my childhood, on an Island where I grew up.
Lost in thought, I remember going down to the rocky beach watching the waves forcing themselves against the rocks.
The wind carrying drops of the ocean until it gently kiss’s my cheek, the water splashing all around me once they crash into the rocks. It all seems so peaceful now; most things do when you are a child. But this memory seems to be much more.

When you’re a kid everything is about having fun and learning new things. There are few things to worry about and you can see nature’s beauty everywhere because you use your imagination. The years pass your imagination fades and your life changes. It is rare to have one of those moments once you lose your imagination. Life gets uglier and there’s much more to worry about. But for me I seem to find time when life gets me down to go deep in thought to my special place as a child and sometime it seems like I can feel the wind on my face and the water running down my cheeks and it makes life seem a lot brighter. So I ask you all, stop sometimes and go back in memory to search for your special place.

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