special place

A Faint memory of my childhood, on an Island where I grew up.
Lost in thought, I remember going down to the rocky beach watching the waves forcing themselves against the rocks.
The wind carrying drops of the ocean until it gently kiss’s my cheek, the water splashing all around me once they crash into the rocks. It all seems so peaceful now; most things do when you are a child. But this memory seems to be much more.

When you’re a kid everything is about having fun and learning new things. There are few things to worry about and you can see nature’s beauty everywhere because you use your imagination. The years pass your imagination fades and your life changes. It is rare to have one of those moments once you lose your imagination. Life gets uglier and there’s much more to worry about. But for me I seem to find time when life gets me down to go deep in thought to my special place as a child and sometime it seems like I can feel the wind on my face and the water running down my cheeks and it makes life seem a lot brighter. So I ask you all, stop sometimes and go back in memory to search for your special place.

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Secret Place

This is a lovely written piece. So many times I go back to that special place.
I write about often. Those days are a treasure, I can never forget. Mine are
all in heaven now. I long to see them again. As I wait, I invision how it will be
someday. Love this piece, so touching. hbw