Stalk me eternally

Here as I sit 
I feel your eyes watching me
I turn my cheek and you're looking at me
Class ends as I watch you stand when I do
Racing me to the door 
you push, rush to get through 
Next class I won't see you
I'm sure you think of me too 
My boyfriend kisses my face 
Stalker kid watch me as I embrace 

Home I lay, enjoy my music
You're obsessed, your souls sick 
Drawing my name into your arm 
Open wound you're hurt inside 
Stalker kid, wish you could charm
Your dreams are a wild ride
Longing for me but can't you see
You and I could never be 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A little something I came up with . Inspiration from a creepy kid. [: thank you creepy kid.

Halloween Monster

It was the worst thing that I've ever seen.
It happened in my town last Halloween.
A horrible monster attacked and it was undead.
It disembowled people and bit off their heads.

It made Michael Myers look like the Pope.
If you're wondering if it was easily destroyed, the answer is nope.
It killed four hundred people, including every cop.
I knew that this freak of nature had to be stopped.

It didn't hurt that thing when I drove a stake through its heart.
But it did destroy it when I used a bazooka to blow it apart.
Nothing can bring back those four hundred unfortunate women and men.
But people can rest easy because they'll never see that foul monster again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem.

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The night is lovingly black.
Caresses the demons about to attack.
Stars litter the booming silence,
Quiets the mortals crying for deliverance.
Blood strokes like a gentle lover,
Soothing the vampires throats over.
Moon hangs heavily in the sky;
Entrancing the wolves to howl and cry.
The wind ruffles the Fall leaves,
Making even the ghouls drop to their knees.
Houses are dimmed and quiet,
The witches are holding their breaths to keep silent.
A monotonous sound of the clock striking twelve,
And all the sorceri are casting tonight's spell.
Screams, shrieks, and howls inturrupt the night;
Beings prancing about in delight.
The veil between worlds is pierced,
Monster of many kind come through and strike fear.
Both big and small they've come,
To celebrate before the rising sun.
And both kindly and monsterous they will go,
Before any of the humans ever know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was just made in favour of my love to Halloween; my favourite holiday. ♥

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Something horrible happened seven years ago.
My town was terrorized by my evil scarecrow.
My scarecrow was the victim of a witch's curse.
It took me over a year to get the spell reversed.

My scarecrow ate all of the crows in my crops.
My scarecrow was blood thirsty and didn't stop.
It started killing people, it even bit off my father's head.
My dad stumbled around for a minute and fell over dead.

People shot it and used flamethrowers but it wasn't even phased.
It killed three hundred people during its blood thirsty craze.
I stopped it with a passage that I found in a voodoo book.
I spoke the incantation and that was all it took.

It was great when I stopped it in its tracks.
But the victims it killed can't be brought back.
If you have a scarecrow, you'd better stay awake.
While you sleep, you may be the first victim that it takes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem.

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How is it

I have come

To this


Scary place?


Why is it

That love comes

Too easy

And pain

Even easier?


Can’t you see

I am mush


Forms, shapes

Nothing solid?


Why do I

Always run

When love

Comes home

To take me away?



Written on

June 26, 2009

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Again, I don't know who this was written to. I know it can't be Eli, just because.

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