Scars or joys we leave behind...

Scars or joys we leave behind...

Senseless humans...!
To crave and posess what we cannot take with us when we leave "life",

senseless... to look another way when we see alike fall beside us...

We all come naked and naked we leave, we all suffer the same pain,
and we all wear the same skin that ages in front of a mirror,
...we might have money to cover up wrinkles a bit longer,
we might be buried in golden tombs or in the plain earth we step on,
but our bodies rot the same way,
and maggots may party while there's flesh left; but the end is always near, even for them.
We might live a colorful life, or live it buried in our own filth,
but this illusion we live here is just one for all of us "living" creatures.
Noone can take pain or death away from us,
noone is free while trapped inside this cocoon we call "body"
...and certainly it does not belong to us.

Tears may fall from those who love us when we're gone,
joy may be felt by those who hates us,
but those left here are just left to feel the pain that those gone will no longer feel...?
Who's laughing now?
Those long gone???
The free spirit... is there such thing?
Is our spirit/energy conscious when gone?
Is there a better "life" beyond what we know?
Is this a better death?...which is which?
Guess that I will not understand it unless gone..

...I once caught a glimpse of that infinite wisdom
... if I was dreaming!? Guess that I wont live to tell...
It was plain day when I wished to know and asked "God" for that vision
... and it came as fast as it went away, but now I know, I know of it's simplicity
... I suffer, I ache, but I'm not afraid...
Like all of us here, I'm waiting in line for that unavoidable event,
perhaps for some of us it's OK to live without a conscience
but while I wait here,
I feel the need to tell those behind golden glasses,
that their vision, like everybody just a short illusion.

Foreword: Live, let live and make peace while you think you are living...
Amilcar Cuenca
Montevideo, Uruguay

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Live, let live and make peace while you think you are living...

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