Personal Poems

I hate the feeling.

The rejection.

The pain.

The confusion.

You say this,

And the next day say that.

Everything I built off of,

Gone in an instant.

My head spinning,

My life spinning down the drain.

A brief period,

But pain that lasts for days.

Why should I care so much?

Get so attached.

So close,

Yet so far.

It hurts,

Standing out in the rain.

You slammed the door in my face,

And the rain chills me to the bone,

As I shiver in front of your door.

Wishing you would open it back up.

I thought maybe there was something?

But you used me,

I thought you might care,

But he didn't.

Why should I be so attached?

I don't even know you.

Just in words,

And pictures.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

My head spins,

Out of control.

As my face hits the ground.

I choke in the water.

And you laugh through your window,

Looking down at me.

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I can't, I just can't


make the thoughts go away

I can't live with them another day

torchuring and tormenting me

I try and try but can't break free

suffocate me until I can't breathe at all anymore

stab my heart and break it like glass onto the floor

punch me in the face again and again, kick me to the ground

make me so dizzy that the whole world is spinning around

just as long as the thoughts go away and leave my head

cause as long as the thoughts are here I am lifeless and dead

so please I'm begging you, make the thoughts go away

cause I can't live with them anymore, not another day

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Your search

Death and bitter emotions
burried to deep in the arms of corrosion
come on in, the son of hell awaits you
be his slave for life
in your searh to become what you are not


Always strugle 'till the end
life, never for real, you just pretend
your wrath, the key to your heart
will never fade away
in your search to become what you are not


Anger and endless fear
the nourishment that helped you get here
your nectar that keeps you carry on
still hungry
in your search to become what you are not


Dead heart and dead soul
still so determined to reach your unachievable goal
so you walk on both the living and the dead
as long as you find your path
in your searh to become what you are not

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes we search for something that doesn't exist...

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Lost in the Stacks

Reading and reading in the

stacks again,

reading and imagining.

that's where I've been.

Lost in time,feels sublime,

away from the mundane,

I feel no shame.

Have traveled far,have traveled wide,

but still sitting down,am still beside,

millions and zillions of all types of books,

I am the "reader",yes,

and I am hooked.

From fable to myths,

and storys with pic's,I

read and I read, floating


I'm tired to the bone,and

the library closes,

and I walk home, alone,and

yet no one supposes, that:

I've been to the mountains,

the oceans, the shores,I've been

to the moon, and what's more....

I traveled slowly, and I traveled

in time,

I traveled thru light,

and I've still half a mind ,to

read and to read and to read some more, till

the stories and pictures make my mind soar....

And I'm off for another adventure again...

so I guess you could say, that this isn't THE END!!!

By lilwinky

Written Friday,July 1st, and 2nd, 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love where books take us.....it 's so nice and calming sometimes to sit and read a "really delicious book" the type of book, that you no matter if you wanted to...ya just cannot put it down....because it keeps getting better and better, with every read there is!

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Tonight I did

What I swore I'd never do

I sat and waited

For a phone call from you

Today I waited

For you to come here

I waited to see you

Somehow that disappeared

Tomorrow I'll wait

Because that's all I can do

Sit and wait

For my dreams to come true

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Frozen Image


a frozen image of a tangled mind

an invisible heart you can't find

a swift moving thought enters within

a domintaing alliance of a tempting sin

a pondering impulse out of control

a radient heartbeat that has gone cold

a floresent breath lingers upon demanding hate

a blister of twisting thorns seal your fate

a glitter of peace traps itself in listless dreams

an illuminating power struggle has been taken to extremes

a appauling shattering of pieces of angel's wings break

an obsession once again enters my brain when I wake

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Hello all

I'm in the market for

visitation rights

Seven grand will be enough

to cover the overhaul, yeah?

Could be the best decision

I've made all day

The address has been jotted

down upon my ankle

Delivery upon impact

And I'll give you all

a handsome tip

Let the wheels go 'round

Lay the planks down flat

Beat it

Refunds aren't needed

Money's hidden well

I've sold my synthesis

Pawned off my fingers and toes

Scalped away my tongue

By now

I'm in the market

for whatever you're selling

Name your price.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Paid in full.

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You are the BIG dog.

You are the wolf-man.

I'd like to naw on your bone...

throw you a biscuit...

You're my soulful master, impending disaster, ever after...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Good boy...

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Dark Poetry

I have died, I've realized, the saints have kept the sane.

The views have overtaken and left obsessions for the grave.

Not just the thought of death, or the dreams of suicide, but fantasies of taking life from the ones who gaze inside.

I couldn't make it clear enough.

They would see my broken seams—the thread that stitched me steady and the wounds that I still clean.

This filth seeped in my system, pulsing through my veins in floods.

And in my fevered mind it leaves a rapacious thirst for blood.

Evil now moves with purpose, to take reason bit by painful bit.

Erasing all the common knowledge and sanity, fit by manic fit.

Ropes are meant to tie them.

Knives are mine for play.

Chains are there to make them beg, to whip across their face.

Metal claws, I bear to maul, to hunt and kill my prey.

Humiliation and mutilation.

I love how they scream and pray.

With a smile and a scalpel, I slice the flesh with need.

Claret now upon my hands, I'm laughing as they bleed.

Ring around a razorblade.

Their life begins to fade.



They all fall down.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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