by Jeph Johnson


I just roll my eyes and turn away
he put in front of me today
a woman
a denim clad
exploding from my dreams
without any ability
to restrain
my ideal
much like a wheel
my bearings turn

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Crimson Wine


Blood, leaking, dripping,


From internal organs, flushing

Outward, brushing from such

Kissable young lips

Skin tearing

Pulling, gouging, ripping

Youthful resisting

Puddles forming on the floor

Tongues lapping at them more and more

Crimson wine, my crimson wine

Ear-piercing screams

I can't escape

This deadly fate, it seems

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Blood is sexy, *grins*

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Pain Games


i just can't shake it

tormenting me

your memories

they're hounding me

all of this pain

it lingers

it remains

refusing to die

leaving me heavy

cry, cry, cry away

your taste taunts

vivid memories

stabbing me

reminding me

why won't you leave

my mind at ease

why do you haunt

your lingering taunt

why can't i shake your feel

i don't want this to be real

all of this pain

it lingers

it remains

refusing to die

leaving me heavy

cry, cry, cry away

how do i get away

i don't want to stay

i want to end this day

just go away

today, just go away

all of this time

it's yours not mine

lips curse your name

but i know it, in vain

this pain will remain

memories forever taunt

i just want my life

your memories i don't want

Author's Notes/Comments: 

obsession -- it's finally over!!

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2003 Poetry

elegant body

black or green

or blue maybe

smoke-belching free

and a power to stir

my whims so dear

oh well since i can’t

afford to have one

perhaps walking

would just be

a health-boosting

thing for me

written 01/08/2003

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My Favourite Game

I don't know what you're looking for,

You haven't found it,  and that's for sure.

The green lights on and the wheels fastly burn,

Me against you and our minds start to turn.

I really thought that I could kill you off,

But when you started you were just being soft.

This is lust of the high performance style,

But turning into ecstasy mile apon mile.

I had a vision that I could spin you around,

But it failed as soon as I had hit the ground.

I can't believe this now, I'm losing to you,

But I'll catch up and see you through.

Watch your bird glide smoothly on the road,

But only because you were on auto mode.

The suns falling, motors thundering the night,

One second they see us, next we're out of sight.

The finish lines close and I'm closing in,

I don't care what happens, I'm going to win.

Game Over

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was playing Gran Turismo, Formula One, and Need For Speed. All in one night, trying to beat Ben. I think I'm obsessed with racing now...

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Restless Heart


"Restless Heart"   12 - 2 - 02

I Am Stuck Alone With This

Problem That Noone Can Fix

A Repeating Endless Hell

Live My Life By Your Spell

Do You Know This Hollow Pain

It's My World That It Reigns

Images Of A Distant Past

Life's How Long They Will Last

An Obsession, A Lonely Depression

An Admission, The Haunting Decisions

A Belief, The Hollow Grief

A Remorse, Run Its Course

I Am Trapped Within Your Cell

Life Has Become A Lightless Well

I Am Held By Gravity

Noone Else The Pain Can See

I Have Become My Only Friend

Knowing, Nearing, The Lonely End

Only I Understand This Man

Plagued By Life And The Plan

No More Cares, In With Despair

No More Light, Come The Night

A Depression, A Living Regression

A Lost chase, The Hopeless Face

A Lost Heartbeat Does Fade

Close And Draw The Eyes And Shades

A Failed Life Withdraws Its Guise

"A Life Fueled By Its Demise"

The Clouds Come And Darken Skies

No Longer Living The Fleeting Lie

Able To Sleep Without The Tears

Come To Rest Have All My Fears

The Coffin Sinks Beneath The Ground

Now In A Place Without Sound

Life Has Ended My Depression

Freed Me Of My Obsession

A Single Rose Lay On My Casket

As I Go To Hell In A Basket....

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That Day In May


"That Day In May"   11 - 4  - 02

you feel a hurt

it has no name

feeling a sting

you call it pain

you feel a guilt

harbored in you

deny its existence

but you know it's true

you feel a warmth

once known as love

it's now the hate

for the one above

feeling a regret

from long ago

remembering the pain

that horror of a show

your mind taunts

with the memories

piercing your mind

dissolving boundaries

all this hurt, this pain, this hollow regret

all come back to that lonely day in fret

when you said, "To Hell With You!"

a thing you so wish you could undo...

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"Afterthoughts"   11 - 21 - 02

you awake to a new day

remembering the night

those tears you shed

the pillow held tight

you dress yourself

in the mirror you see

a reddened, sad face

as you think,"Poor me..."

over a bowl of cereal

a numb, hollow taste

deciding not hungry

you put it to waste

as you prepare

for another day

you take life

in a new way

all the life you felt, the crown

happiness once known

turned upside down

it's all over

never to be

you close eyes

don't wish to see

why did it have to end

can i bring her back

am i able to mend

undo this fatal attack...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

original title was 'Ripples In A Pond'

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Bricks & Hearts


"Bricks & Hearts"   11 - 11 - 02

how did you feel

on that day

when he took your heart

set you astray

how did you feel

on that memorable night

when he held you close

and turned out the light

how did you feel

when he said the words

i love you, baby

that's all you heard

how did you feel

in that minute

that you heard

he had cheated

how did you feel

when you screamed your heart

when you let him know

that he had torn it apart

how did you feel

from that day on

when you felt

he had led you on

how did you feel

in that hour

remembering the truth

as the tears showered

how did you feel

when it all ended

did you somehow feel

the scars had mended

how i felt

this i know

but it doesn't matter

just goes to show

intentions and actions

two different things

it's just as usefeul

as a brick with wings...

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