Mad Rethoric

Half alive and mostly dead the dreams of those torn thread so many fucked up, so many rude howmany torn dreams there be. A life now shatters all hopes dashed the lifeless body turned to hash. Feed they self on ~f'd~ up dreams, life is not as it seems, throw thy self down torn asunder by the loud clap of thunder. knowing not where to hide can you save your own.

It stalks you with out spite or malice. It can guide you to your end and wait for you till then, brokened dreams and dancing damned all those deamed men in a can look upon your fate today and know it will go that way

Lost and hungery wanting food, the darkest sould, that of no good, purest evel as it should, take the form of youngest face, something tender full of grace, a cold and cruel heart with out place a childs eye devout of love desending on pray from above like some unholy blackened dove. Soulless child of the night comeing to you from out of sight bringing terror and a fright, killing shamelessly until the morning bell the air doth fill sending back into the till that which nother shall live and see, that darkness in you and me that night forever in us be. that soulless motherless child

Prowling night away from light, without thought or care. Drinking deeply of your life then vanishing to air. Unholy ghost you see thee now, cower run in fear. Know only that what it is, as pure evil draws near

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The Hold That Held Me


"The Hold That Held Me"   7 - 20 - 03

hazy and dim is the view

that i have, this image of you

why do you linger in my mind

have you not have enough time

you have pained me, your sting lingers

why won't you leave, my pain bringer

is it because you're still wanting

the part of me that you are haunting

it has been so many moons

since we departed our fortunes

yet you still have hold of me

why won't you die and leave me be

i have tried so very hard

to ignore and disregard

all of the pain you've sent me

but this harm is undoing me

leave me now, leave me be

your haunting visage i don't need

undo this harm, let me go

i am exhausting from this show

it has drained me, the repetition

it has worn all recognition

no happy times consume my thoughts

i feel as if i am forever caught

release me, release me

why won't you release me

my mind has seen so many times

all the moments that we did find

it is soaking in this regret

i am lost and drowning in fret

i no longer want this ghostly visage

so i send out this final message

release me, release me

i am dying, falling down

why won't you release me

release me, release me

i am crying, head on the ground

why won't you release me....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

past feelings

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deticated to:

Like you can't tell?


I never believed

In reincarnation

'Till I saw your face


You're such a

Beautiful stranger

It does seem a bit


You don't seem

To be a stranger to me

I thought for sure

I'd seen you somewhere

In a book,

A documentary

In every dream

Of world domination

Your eyes were

Brown today

I'm sorry HE saw

Fit to punish you

I'd let you have mine,

Which aren't so pretty

But at least are


I'm a true German

Everything you asked of me

My master

My prince of Darkness

Would I look silly

If I curtsied to you

Here at this concert

Everyone watching you

In your uniform

In all your splendor

Your girlfriend stands

Alongside you

Is she real too?

Or did you just

Make do with what this

Lifetime has provided


Author's Notes/Comments: 

for a boy I saw at the Millville fair, whom reminded me of someone more evil and cruel, and possibley like me than anyone else.

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Last Dance- ED

Self harm/Suicide


The party's almost


But the night

Has just begun

Time for the

Last dance

I've saved

The last dance

My last dance,

For you Ana





I'm not sure if

I should mention my obsession

I've had my share

Of dancing

And yet it's

Not the same

I'm starting to

Get tired of

Hiding all this pain

So how do you do?

And would you like to dance?

'Cause I've saved this

Last dance for



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another ED poem

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Old Poems

Tightly wrapped in firm arms.

When in this presence, nothing is unreachable.
Ecstasy is present and a friendly welcomed emotion.

One touch sends chills down the spine.
Making this disaster more desirable.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any comments, good or bad, are welcome. Please leave a comment and let me know if you liked it, how it made you feel or what you didn't like about it. Thanks for taking the time to read my work. :)

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The voices don't like you, you know.

I'm talking with the voices in my head.

You know, my voices want you dead.

But I won't let them hurt you.

You know that, right?

I'm not lying when I say I love you.

I really truly do.

It's just they don't.

I'm not out to get you

Though the voices want me to.

I'm not going to hurt you

I'm not gonna do what they tell me to do.

But I'm one step closer to giving in each day

To losing all sanity

And so I'm trying my hardest but it doesn't work

As I try to push you away from me

A little parasite that's what you've become

Feeding off my emotions

Neutralizing my feelings for everyone but you

Bitch, you've ruined me.. But I still want you

Don't get me wrong, I still love you

Though you feed off my very essence

And though I know I can easily replace you

Well, I hope I do...

The voices in my head tell me not to.

They tell me to just get rid of you.

What the fuck am I gonna do?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I kinda wrote this one about me, about me being a parasite once...You know who called me it, if you are who I wish you were... *sighs* I need to go to bed now :p

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Lines of Beauty

Self harm/Suicide


Smooth pale skin

Marred thick

With Divinity

Self created


Creations only

Half the fun

The beauty is



My own work of art

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A lovely poem written in honour of the scars of my beloved Joshua.

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Multitudes of Instrumentals

Appreciate the beauty

In which this music instills

into your undeserving ears

And you who can't imagine

what it's like to create such things

You don't even try simply out of fear

Failure is only a stepping stone

To bigger and better things

A natural talent isn't always the option

Sometimes the ability is what you must bring

I stand upon the ground

viewing the world of melodic enchantment

So many patterns and repeated columns to see

It's a sad musical world when there is no new enhancement

From the booming loud

to the whispering quiet

From the beautiful black metal chorus

To the pathetic repetition of the punk and pop requiem

Music is my muse

The enriching flow of the lyrics

The percussion, the strings

The hypnotic vibrance

of the originalities

the rhythm, the singing

I feel appreciative love

For other musics

as I am not talented enough to create my own

I feel as if I have risen above

every unfortunate detail of my life

When I have my music, and am completely alone..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Music is one of the most important things this world has to offer to me.

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Number Seven

Family and Friends

That old dizzy feeling


when I see you

enter the room.

What are you doing here?

This isn't

where you are supposed

to be.

Miles away from your post.


here you are.

Poppping up again

like you're supposed

to be here.

Taunting me.

We've never spoke.

But I want to.

If only

to be able to say,

"I've talked to him".

Then maybe

you wouldn't possess me

like you do.

Or keep popping up

like you're chasing me. . .

If only you were

chasing me,

that is.

I would know

that you feel it too.

This connection,

this drive to speak,

this obsession....

You must feel it too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about a guy i used to be obsessed with.  I called him Number Seven because he always worked on register seven in a store near my house.

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