The Invisible Man

Today was the day, you stole my heart away. I saw you in a brand new light. Simply stunning, is what you are. I spend my days trying to be kind to you and to make you happy. I pray that you notice me. I hope that you see me for the young man I am, the young man who would give anything for you. And yet, you treat me like an Invisible Man. You are entertained by me, but only for a short, meaningless time. I want to become something more than just friends, but you step right on me and see through me, looking for an impossibly shiny trinket of a man, rather than the solid friend you have had all along.

By Levi Gomes

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I think this happens a lot in reality daily. To love and not be treated with at minim, kindness, is disturbing. She sounds like a someone unworthy of your affections. Solid write! - Just Bein' Lady A




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Thanks for the compliment. I

Thanks for the compliment. I think she is worthy, but she just doesn't know she hurts those who love her