Best morning ever 5-16-11


Been laying here
Thinking about you baby
How badly I miss you
It drives me crazy
I think about touching
Your skin so soft
The thought alone
Is never quite enough
Because I miss your pretty smile
The smell of your hair
The sound of your laughter
It takes me back to there
When I'm with you
I feel alive
You don't even
Have to try
I love to hold your hand
Kiss you all the time
I want to show you so bad
Just how amazing you are
That I'm the luckiest guy alive
To have you by my side
Whether we are cuddling
On the couch
Or just sleeping in
As I open my eyes to see you
Lying right next to me
And you slowly open yours
Whispering so very softly
Those three simple words
That make time stand still
As I look into your eyes
I feel butterflies
And I whisper back to you
I love you too

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