an abrupt ending to an uncertain start

an abrupt ending to an uncertain start

we are so far yet so close

'tis not really

a nagging feeling,
just a sense of wonder

that during the times
when I had laid my eyes
on you,
you have graced every
corner of my being

as if an elixir.. or a

potent potion (so-called love)

have brought me
back to my senses

'tho it is hard to conquer

these feelings

(of great awe),
I could only wish that
I can control
the realms of possibility

but who am I to

my contrite heart
now that you've finally

chosen (someone else)

whom to love?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited 11.21.2022 [00:12]



1.  I changed the word "decided" to "chosen" then added "(whom to love)" for clarifying

my sentence to refer to a more specific idea, rather than its former structure where the sentence construction was ambigous and seeming "muddling through".

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