The Crystal Ball

Sitting in this cushioned armchair, I am asked to read a fortune

Of a woman in front of me, curiously waiting, one eyebrow raised in doubt

Licking my lips I take a deep breath and rub my fingers across the crystal ball

Smudging the beautiful lucid object.

Focusing and closing my eyes for a view through a dimension

Wrapped in a 10 pound ball of crystal and strength

It strikes me in the back; a gust of wind pulls me into the past

and I gasp exhaustedly

A curly brunette girl, with a pearly white smile sits on a swing alone

The wind elegantly brushing through her hair

She is so happy, oblivious to the world, the abuse, the neglect

Everything is well, the sun shines' brightly on her ivory skin

A sharp pain strikes me in the heart as

The girl stops swinging, her smile fades to a hidden fear

Fright dulls her twinkling eyes

A tall husky man strolls into the yard, slamming the gate vigorously behind him

Frozen in place with her hands on the chain of the swing, her breath becomes more rapid

Instantly, scenes of the little girls life flickers in the ball before my tearing eyes

She's born, her father is not there

Trouble starts, death of family members

Physical arguments between her parents

Next between her brothers

Abuse, neglect, pain, suffering, neglect, abandoned

Deserted… rejected… discarded… alone.


The agonizing emotions she felt, the violence she's seen,

The scars she'll maintain forever

Suddenly scattered throughout my nerves.

Loneliness has been creeping inside her for years

Faithless and distraught

I now can see her with a gun in her hand

Panicking, I lean forward

Squinting my eyes deeper into the ball

I swallow hard

The tears of hopelessness stream down her cheeks

Trembling, she raises the gun to the side of her head

Hesitating, anticipating a sign of hope

Ten minutes pass

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What did you say?

It's 3:45

what time is it?

the toilets clogged

i'm gonna go shit

I hate my life

it's a jolly good day!

I'm gonna commit suicide

that's nice, i must say

that noise is unbearable!

shall i turn up the stereo?

I'm wasting away...

sorry, what did you say?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ever noticed how people talk while never hear a word the other says? that's what this poem is about

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"... it is not fun being

a psychologist ..."

he probes

"... don't worry,"

she soothes

"you are in control..."

my Wolf got lost

in the dark woods

i pick my flowers

in the Sunshine

... my granny

is safely

dead ...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Psychologists also need reflective listening!

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Why not?

Why can’t I write?

Why not?

Would I prefer to fight?

Why not?

Would I prefer to bite?

Why not?

Would I prefer to talk?

Why not?

Would I prefer to walk?

Why not?

At this task I balk!

Why not?

With all these other things to do

Why would I write if I didn’t have to?

Why not?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

boredom breeds strange things

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I was only a mill-worker’s child--

No one of importance at all

She was the fair-haired daughter

Of a secretary and a supervisor

A rung above me on the ladder of life.

Her clothes were fashionable and frilly

While mine were simple and made from feed sacks.

A beautician in town cut her flowing tresses

While my mother trimmed mine with her dressmaking shears.

She was teacher’s pet in every grade of school.

I was the despised bane of Mrs. Spradling’s existence.

She took dance lessons and baton

And marched in parades with her father’s lodge buddies.

I put tinfoil on the rabbit-ears-antennae so I could watch American Bandstand,

And I never even SAW a parade much less marched in one.

She had a legion of hangers-on following her who emulated her precisely.

I was the example of “behavior to avoid in polite society” and nobody copied me.

She was a majorette, a cheerleader, a junior class queen.

I was a writer of winning essays who played the deformed dwarf in our three-act play.

She drew attention to herself with every endeavor.

I hid in the background and tried to disappear.

She married her college sweetheart and raised a daughter just like her.

I married the wrong man for me and raised three sons virtually alone.

She is the most dissatisfied person on the face of the earth.

I awake every morning awaiting the new dawn with anticipation.

She looks back sadly at the BEST years of her life.

I look ahead with expectancy at a future of happy participation.

She laments the opportunities that eluded her.

I thank God daily that I made it through the worst of times,


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A look at something that bothered me as a child.

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Sweet Dream

When I see you,

I turn a deep shade of red.

Just think of what you do,

When you turn your head.

When I speak to you,

I'm on cloud nine.

A fantasy come true,

I feel like your all mine.

When I touch you,

My heart flutters like a butterfly,

Just brushing by you,

I feel that I might die.

When I hold your hand,

It feels like one is two.

I really do like you,

Too bad you don't like me too.

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HAPPINESS IN A BOX - A Modern Day Fairy Tale

When the shipment came

She was overjoyed

She was sure the box

Contained her redemption

She hooked the contents

To a monitor and board

And holding tightly

She began to surf

She knew that somewhere

Inside the box

Were answers to every question

Including the biggest one of all

("Where's my Prince Charming?")

But, alas, there were only answers

To questions she did not ask

And many, many men

But no princes among them

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Moral: Be careful where ye look, fair maiden!

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Any Regrets

There are times in our lives when things go wrong

When we blame others and things for these things

Is it because we have not the wealth or the fame

Or is because we did not work harder or more

Tell me what does wealth have to do with it??

What have others and things got that change it

Will fame bring you joy? or wealth bring pleasure

If you work harder will it make things better?

There are places in this world that are awful

Where the living in such ways can be no joy

I  have lived in some that have been so woeful

But place has no meaning, its people that count

Let us count our blessing as poor as they may be

Lets be grateful for the roof we have over our head

For the bed in which we sleep and are safe and warm

For the food that we have to nourish our bodies

Let us be thankful for someone is there love us

Be it woman or man, child or adult, it matters not

For in the loving comes the caring, and sharing

Two lives can  be blessed by counting the rest

Lets forget the past and all that we you had

We can look forward to all thats to be gained

Life will not always be this bad way for us

Lets learn to enjoy all that we have today

We can learn to be at peace with ourselves

And leave all the past, with its sad memories

For life will go on in its own special way

Lets leave our regrets and get on with life

All regrets need to fade as together we face today

Tomorrow for us is a brand new day to be alive

Where we can help each other to walk the talk

And live the walk in peace and joy, you and I



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Tidal Veil

Nothing to say on the beach

Grace of angels

All of America hs been writing her dialogue for her

Nurturing that public forgiveness

Pale crimson curtains part

Burkas fall off of the eyes of youth

Books be opened

Neglectful in his oval office

Her proud warrior stands

Awash in waves of dissent

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