The Crystal Ball

Sitting in this cushioned armchair, I am asked to read a fortune

Of a woman in front of me, curiously waiting, one eyebrow raised in doubt

Licking my lips I take a deep breath and rub my fingers across the crystal ball

Smudging the beautiful lucid object.

Focusing and closing my eyes for a view through a dimension

Wrapped in a 10 pound ball of crystal and strength

It strikes me in the back; a gust of wind pulls me into the past

and I gasp exhaustedly

A curly brunette girl, with a pearly white smile sits on a swing alone

The wind elegantly brushing through her hair

She is so happy, oblivious to the world, the abuse, the neglect

Everything is well, the sun shines' brightly on her ivory skin

A sharp pain strikes me in the heart as

The girl stops swinging, her smile fades to a hidden fear

Fright dulls her twinkling eyes

A tall husky man strolls into the yard, slamming the gate vigorously behind him

Frozen in place with her hands on the chain of the swing, her breath becomes more rapid

Instantly, scenes of the little girls life flickers in the ball before my tearing eyes

She's born, her father is not there

Trouble starts, death of family members

Physical arguments between her parents

Next between her brothers

Abuse, neglect, pain, suffering, neglect, abandoned

Deserted… rejected… discarded… alone.


The agonizing emotions she felt, the violence she's seen,

The scars she'll maintain forever

Suddenly scattered throughout my nerves.

Loneliness has been creeping inside her for years

Faithless and distraught

I now can see her with a gun in her hand

Panicking, I lean forward

Squinting my eyes deeper into the ball

I swallow hard

The tears of hopelessness stream down her cheeks

Trembling, she raises the gun to the side of her head

Hesitating, anticipating a sign of hope

Ten minutes pass

And she makes the impulsive decision

She closes her eyes and pulls the trigger.

The phone rings as she slams onto the floor, blood leaking out onto the carpet

The impact awakes me from the trance, only to find myself looking at my dead carcass on the floor

I look back to the ball only to see myself looking back at me

The crystal ball shatters all over the floor.

Licking my lips, I close my eyes.

Slowly the wind drifts me away.

©1999 All rights reserved.

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