Thoughts On Natural Solitude

As I walk through forests

Dark and deep

I notice the song therein

Birds in their nests

Joyously welcoming their newborns

Foxes padding quietly to their dens

Squirrels barking and playing like children


I often stop and fall silent

Away from the illusion

Of control and importance

We create in our world


Here, I belong

Here, I'm not all-important

There is a peacefulness

That creeps into my soul

And douses the painful fires

Of self that I let burn hot


Walking through the trees

Listening to the softly falling rain

Just to live, to Be

Not as nature's conqueror

But as a spectator in a beautiful world

To stand alone in silence

To contemplate, I AM

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Arrangement in any minor key

Arrangement in any minor key

By JFarrell


The music is me

Discordant, harsh, out of tune

A roaring cacophony

Ill composed from its beginning


Composed by a loveless mother

Transcribed by a violent father

A minor key

For sadness and pain


Along the way

It’s been added to, altered

Key changes everywhere

By those who consider themselves conductors


But, now

A new instrument has found its voice

From the depths of my soul

Haunting pizzicato strings stir and swell


An orchestra of strings hails the now

And is answered by woodwind breaths

The angelic harmony of harp song

Envelopes all


With a life of its own

The music of my soul rewrites me

Rewrites all that I was and have become

I am now a movement in the key of E



Author's Notes/Comments: 

music heals

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the message of the day is..

The message of the day is…

By JFarrell


The message of the day is…


DON’T you stop it

DON’T stop the music!


If it makes you feel GOOD.


Don’t hide away

Don’t stay silent


GET OUT and find something that makes you feel GOOD.


Don’t spend the rest of your life

Blaming someone else


NOW is in your hands and you can feel GOOD


Author's Notes/Comments: 

turn it up, feel good

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By Jfarrell


A David Tennant episode of Dr Who called Shakespeare a “wordsmith”





I can see

A hot, sweaty man

(please forgive my sexism)

Thrusting his iron into the forge,


And placing it against the anvil

And hitting it

With a bloody big hammer

To bend it into the shape,

The angle,

So perfect

The horse,


With this



Will run leagues, continents

Without tiring




And, I just so wish I could I could bring my dragon here, my dragon would love this,



Oh… oh… oh…







What a fantastic name for a dragon!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

my dragon has a smell and a name :)

stop the flow

Stop the Flow

By JFarrell


I opened the vessel

And so much came out

I was overwhelmed and swept away

Giddy, dizzy

Dropped on the floor

Panting, gasping for breath

I had no idea

So much was there


And I didn’t imagine it could hurt anyone

I didn’t stop to think

How others might feel

And I am sorry for that.


I  don’t want to slop the flow

But, maybe, I can shape it into something nicer

More pleasant to experience

With no chance of anyone getting hurt

Magicians and butterflies

Clouds and stars

Brighter futures



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i didn't know i could write until i tried

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take my hand

Take my Hand

By JFarrell


Take my hand,

And I’ll help you as far as I can;

I can’t carry you,

But, maybe,

If you walk in my footprints,

It will ease your journey.



It does look like a long journey,

But you are not alone;


Take my arm,

Take the support you need.


I know,

You look around

And see no-one.

I know,

You feel so alone.

But I am here

Here to help you.


Take my hand,

I will catch you if you fall;

I will right you if you stumble;

I will be beside you, always;


Take my hand.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

alone is a lonely place



By jfarrell


I look in the mirror

To see an old, stupid man

Staring back.


My eyes are more sunken,

Than I remember,

Dark, shadowed.



Isn’t tatooed on my forehead,

But, somehow, I see the words there.



If I apply a little soap

And wash the mirror, and rinse…


Is that the next prime minister, looking back?

The next biggest rock star?

( I doubt that )

The next Stephen King?

( I still got my fingers crossed )

The next teacher to inspire a student

To become a doctor and cure cancer?



‘Do you want fries with that?’ stares back;

Sat outside tesco’s, with my hand out, stares back;


Maybe nothing stares back.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

what do you see in the mirror?

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you are awesome

You are awesome

By JFarrell


My wallpaper says

‘You are awesome, start acting like it!’


You, whoever you are,

Are awesome.

Within your hands

You have the power

To build great things

To discover those things

Still waiting to be discovered

To cure illness

To end famine

To travel further than the stars.


Yes, you also have the power

To create great destruction;

Bombs that can destroy an entire city,

Beliefs to kill and die for.


Do you realise how awesome you are?

You, me, each and every person in this world;

We hold the future in our hands.

We are awesome,

Let’s start acting like it.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

you, dear reader, are awesome

Life Ache

Heartbreak, Heartache, Headache, Life-ache!

I just want to be happy

Tell me where do the happy people find it?

I see them smiling and laughing and It baffles me

I've been searching for what seems like ever

And I've been told I deserve it too

But if i deserve it so much the why can't it ever be?

What is it that i have to do?

Where do they find what fills the hole

Or do they get a new heart altogether

No really I want to.know

There's got to be a formula to follow

Something im.missing

Something I'm needing

Because I too want to have those wrinke lines

From all the good ol times

Please tell me how to be happy

Please come and save me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rough work.

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