Oh, there you are.


I've spent moments in the mirror...

Staring into my soul-windows

Remembering what matters most

It's time to continue on course

I am a holistic, interdependent, force

thoughts surrounding that fourth leaf breaking off

Ok, so if this co-creation is real,

and delicate as it is...

How does one successfully

accomplish without causing

harm or loss to

another living being?


When I ask

the Universe for somthing,

I don't really ask so much as test...

And I use the word "Will."

For example, "If this... than that 'will' occur.


But it's like I'm always looking for the proof.

"If I truly am a co-creator, than, ____ Will show itself."


Seems like I always have a sense of doubt

at the initial step of manifestation.


It has already been proven to me,

over and over again. 

But I keep questioning,

instead of placing all my trust

in this phenomena.


Perhaps the reason things happen,

like the fourth leaf of the clover breaking off,

are a result of the initial speck of doubt.


Of course, I'll have to test this theory.

Which seems like I'm right back

at that beginning issue again...

doubting that it will work so having to test it.


Ugh! Conundrum... 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

thinkin about " free will" and just how powerful that statement really is. But I don't think it's really free. There has to be an exchange of some sort. The universe likes gratitude it seems.

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