Flash Fiction

The Record Store, flash fiction story

The record store


It started with gray, gray everywhere. But it wasn’t in any sort of literal way; it was just a really rainy day that most of the room was turning gray. Two girls were lying at the floor with no motivation and lipstick smeared all over their chins. “This Is killing me, man” “Yeah, I know, but you were the first one who wanted to wake up early y’know?” “So what should we do?” “Well, it’s rainy, and we ate most of the food between yesterday and today, do you have any money left at all?” “As a matter of fact, I do, you know I’m very good with my savings” “Yeah? What about last weekend” “So? Do you want the money or not?” “Let’s go to a record store” “But it’s far away” “Your parents aren’t home anyway, and we have no electricity in this place, we might as well just stay here and it won’t change the fact that there’s nothing else to do” “Fine” one of the girls sighed “But if we do go to the record store, I’m not leaving that place until I find something of The Strokes” “Yeah yeah, hurry”. So they left the house and went to the nearest Record Store, and it was still gray everywhere. Gray, buildings, gray sky, gray people. They Arrived. And although it was still gray, it wasn’t empty at all. They entered, and assistant boys with black shirts were stacking everything really fast, because discounts of New Year ’s Eve were getting near.  “You go that way” pointing the alternative area “And I’ll go that way” pointing the oldies but goldies area. The girl at the oldies but goldies was mostly searching for gifts,  but she actually found very good ones by 80s artists such as Robert Smith, Morrissey and other, and of course, Glam forgotten artists. “There are so many” she sighed again. One of the boys with blue shirt arrived “Is there anything I Could help?” “No thank you I’m actually pretty fine” The boy, although he looked tired and as if he didn’t had a shower in 2 days still smiled with kindness “I see you’re holding a The Cure and The Smiths records, do you fancy 80s music?” “I Like it, yeah, it’s ideal for this weather” “I totally agree” “Thanks anyway” But the Boy still smiled and got closer “You know, tomorrow we will have more discounts than today, you should come back tomorrow, too” “Ah, you’re just saying that to help you get more money to your company” “You caught me”, the boy laughed, and leaned towards a stack of vinyl’s “You know, my mother introduced me to The Cure when I was little, I never thought I could like them so much, sometimes I’m very impatient with music, I like it or I don’t, and there’s no in between,  for example” and he took a bunch of albums very rapidly “Out of these ones (They were  New Order, Poison, Pulp, and other) “Do you think I could like them?” “Uh, I don’t know” the girl started to worry but remained calm “Probably, if you listened them” “Yeah I guess you’re probably right, but still, I hate it when bands change their style completely, like the Monkeys, do you like the Monkeys?” “Arctic?  Yeah, they’re good, I have most of their albums” “Well, their new one is terrible, it arrived really early in here, and I got a free sample” The boy started to get closer but still he was getting a childish-like anger. “…And It was terrible, don’t get me wrong, I love them, but I just can’t dig it, it’s not good music to me anymore, and my last girlfriend, oh my god, did she like ‘em, she was just a pain in my butt, always talking about them, not that I don’t like girls that like the monkeys, it’s just, I like more care-free girls, or maybe that’s just me, you know, they say, boys and girls look people who resemble to their parents, I think that’s psychology, not sure, but I’m studying a masters in politics so I’ll have to search for that ”


 “I need to listen to it. And, I guess, wasn’t that a Freud theory?” “We have it right there, but buy these ones today, and If you come tomorrow I can make you a great discount” “Sounds great” said the girl trying to keep up with the boy’s temperament “So, I know this will be me rushing too fast, and It’s illegal, don’t tell anyone, let me buy you a coffee, Starbucks, yeah” “As in, today?” “Or whenever you say” “Okay, okay, let me go back tomorrow” Sounds excellent to me” “Thank you, so that’ll be it, I have to back with my friend” “It was nice meeting you” the boy was still smiling with kindness but it was noticeable the lack of sleep he had “He probably had a lot of coffee” the girl said to herself to calm herself down of the amount of experiences she had with just one person. She went with her friend. The other girl was smirking almost laughing at her face “So I see you had fun ehhhhhhhhhh?” “Shut up” “Oh, come on! He’s not the craziest people you have met, and you know that, he actually looks nice, without that, caffeine, not-showering-in-days-look” “He talked about his mother and his ex-girlfriend with me, and other stuff I can’t remember” “Keeper!” the girl shouted “Shut up!” the other one blushed and gave a little punch to the other girl “Hurry up, please” “No, no, maybe I should talk to him too, he could become part of the family soon enough” “You’re terrible, I’m not buying you albums” “Alrighty, it’s okay, I got everything let’s go, I see you’re suffering” The Girl, still red took the albums and paid for everything.  They went out of the store, the boy was looking at them, but he was attending some other people. “It’s over now, let’s go and eat” “Yeah”. It was still gray, the buildings and people were still gray,  but even though it was gray, they gave the girls something to talk about on a gray day.  

The creepy guy

It was another normal day for Garnet, she woke up and went to the bus stop, as usually. Suddenly, she remembered that she left her cellphone at home, so she returned running to her house. When she finally arrived, she realized something was very different. The door was broken, and there was a big mess inside.

Someone had entered to her house. Instead of calling the police, she entered to know exactly what was going on.

She opened the bedroom door and found a guy watching tv. “Hey! What are you doing in my room!” Garnet said. “Um… I can explain it?” said the guy.

“Yeah, as if I had time for that, ha ha” said Garnet. “Well, you left the door opened…” said the guy. “Well, that was my bad, but, if it was opened WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU BREAK IT!?” she said. “…WELL I’M SORRY I LIKE TO BREAK THINGS UP! DUH!” said the guy. Garnet was so irritated and asked the guy to leave the house. When he left, garnet went to school to have the normal day she planned, but she couldn’t because there was this guy again. Garnet was so confused, Did this guy studied in the same school as her? Did he followed her?. Now Garnet was really scared, so she started running and running and running to the hills near the school. Then another guy appeared, it looked like the other one but with different clothes. “AAAAH!, what are you doing here if you where there and AAAH!” and the guy said “What? I don’t know you… ooohh you must know my twin brother, I’m searching for him have you seen him?”  … “Oh of course I have seen him, he had been following me!” … “ Oh please don’t be scared, he is just a harmless creep and his name is Steven” said the twin brother. “Yeah, I noticed that… hey, um, he made a mess of my house… and you have to pay for the damages” … Steven’s twin brother accepted to pay after they searched for him. Garnet thought that it would be very easy for them to find Steven, since he was following her. They searched and searched but didn’t find him. Then Garnet had the idea of calling him by his name “STEEVEEEEN!, STEEEVEEEN!!” she screamed in the middle of the street. Then, a lot of people called Steven approached Garnet, questioning why was she calling them. Garnet didn’t expect that to happen, but she saw the opportunity to ask all these Stevens to help her search for the original one. They searched in all the city, but Steven didn’t appear. His twin brother started to cry because he was very worried for his brother. Garnet didn’t know what to do, this was a strange situation, the only thing she could think off was offering a cookie to this poor and sad guy. “It tastes so good, Steven would like this… I miss him so much, although he is a little crazy…” said the twin brother. Garnet told him not to be sad, maybe Steven was hiding somewhere near, he couldn’t be so far. “You are right, he might be closer of what you think…  yeah… I think I know where he is. People!! Please!! Attention please! I have an announcement!” everyone was questioning what was happening, including Garnet. “We have been searching for Steven, my beloved twin brother, I know where he is!, he is right here!... because… I AM STEVEN! AND HERE I AM!!’” Everyone was really impressed and confused about this, they could have been angry, but they started to clap at him “Horray!!! Welcome home Steven!!”  Garnet was not happy, she was really really angry because now there was no twin brother that could pay her house damages.

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The curse and the traveller

In a small village a little girl was born with the name Aby. She was a typical girl, except for the fact that her voice was beautiful. Everyone in the village loved to see hear her sing. When she was asked to sing she would happily do it for it made her feel accepted in the village. Aby noticed that the people she talked or sang to the most seemed to be the weakest. Years pasted and the village kept getting weaker. This was a lot worse for her parents, they where felling so weak they could not get out of bed. One day, one of the villagers accused Aby’s parents for being the source of the weakness. This was the day of Aby’s tenth birthday, and was also the day she decided to stop talking all together. Most of the village just simply believed that she stopped talking because the “disease” made her so weak she could not talk. Long time passed but the village did not get better or worse, and Aby was now 20 years old. A traveller arrived at the village in a special day, the day of harvest. The people because of the weakness could not work with the same efficiency and this intrigued the traveller. The traveller after asking about the “curse”, was directed to Aby’s house. He introduced himself as a shaman that knows of the super natural. He decided to stay in the a little longer to investigate. After some time she starts to relate with the parents and finally they confessed. The parents tell the traveler that the source was there daughter and they knew because it stopped getting worse when she stopped talking. He immediate goes with Aby and starts to question her. The village started to get curious and see that Aby was talking with the traveller. It was not long before the village started pointing fingers at the traveller and Aby. That night the village decides to vanish Aby and her family. At the same time the traveller was telling aby how to cure the village. The way she would do this was go to the closest hill and sing everyday. Her voice was so beautiful that it attracted negative spirits to the village, and if she would sing far away she would drag the bad spirits with her. The village was now outside her house trying to make her leave.  The family leaves with the traveller and continues on a very dangerous road that was just under the hill. Under the hill rocks started to fall and both of Aby’s parents get trampled by the rocks. She starts to cry heavily and this can be heard all the way to the village. The bad spirits drag themselves towards the hill and away from the village lifting the “curse” that haunted the village. As a consequence the bad spirits stick to the traveller and he dies with them. Before he dies he tells Aby that the curse is lifted and that she doesn’t have to sing under the hill everyday, just once a month. No one really knows what happened to Aby, but by the end of the month the village would hear beautiful song from a hill very far away. 


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Cloudy Day

You take the bus an hour late because you struggle to leave your bed on cloudy days; the touch of satin sheets against your skin feels irresistible. The bus is packed like a can of sardines and there is no seat left for you. You work your way to the back of the bus, unintentionally bumping everyone on your way. You hardly reached a metal bar to prevent losing your balance. The girl in front of you laughs at a joke she heard on the phone. There are a few grandchildren, cooking recipes related chit-chats between older ladies that carry hand bags and baskets with food and clothes. An old man gazes through the window and suddenly turns his head as a night club's panoramic passes by you and makes you laugh. There is a mother nurturing a child, and a young brother in school uniform. The bus stops at one of the stations and the driver makes signs to the station worker that the bus is full. The station worker, a young cigar-smoking fella points at an old lady right next to him and the bus driver waves his hand for the lady to come while murmuring words only for him to hear. There is always room for another passenger in Mexico's bus services. This old woman makes her way to the back of the bus and firmly grasps the rail as if her life would depend on it. You look at her wrinkled face, her tired eyes, her twisted fingers, old blouse, old long skirt, gray hair that resembles today's cloudy sky. She reminds you of your grandma, and you imagine the frail look of your now deceased relative on a hot, crowded bus like this. At least grandma had a good life -- you say to yourself. The girl in front of you laughs again as she starts texting. As you put on your 7 dollar Walmart headphones you start to let the music take you far away from the bus. You close your eyes. There is a strong metal sound and then everything goes blank. You open your eyes and your head hurts, there is a blood and glass shard on the asphalt and a tire rolls away down the street. The bus lays on its side. The sky is still covered with clouds, and you ain't going to work today.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Flash fiction story about a cloudy day and the event that changed a young man's life monotony.

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