finding happiness

Finding Happiness

Unrhymed Poetenry

Everyone is on the run,

To search for happiness,

Yet by only a few it is found,

The ones able to douse the heart’s fire!


Not in money happiness lies,

Not in huge property,

Happy are the ones,

Who are far off from greed, lust etc.


Being happy is not that tough,


Only if we tread on the simplest path!

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I Want to Taste Happiness

The sky is happy,

When the sun visits,

And your face smiles,

As soon as the moon shines in joviality.        


The ducks forget everything,

Making their way,

Towards another, on each day,

Until the sun bids leave-taking.


I, like Lord Jim, am in search of the star,

I can feel, there it is! No, not really there.

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Coming into this post I was gonna put some big ol’ philosophical mumbo jumbo, some reason why we’re all hear blahblahblah. But there is no one reason why. Everyone is here on their own terms to do their own damn thing. I’ve just come to realize that not everyone does that. Not a lot of people do that anymore. Everybody just conforms into the mold society gives to us. I do that too. Anyway this is just a post, if anyone has read it, or finds it suitable enough to read, or has wandered upon it through their meaningless scrolling through Tumblr to find something awesome we’d all like to emulate, this is just a post, to say go out in your own life and live it. Every single person ever deserves to be happy. I feel like throughout this “civilized” lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to not being happy. That being miserable and living life in your own corner-room office space is what is supposed to go on. But just think about it. Take one giant ass step away from yourself and look at yourself. Is this where you want to be? Are you doing what you want to do? If the answer is “Fuck no!”, well you and me both buddy. You need to say fuck them. Fuck all of those punk-ass oppressors, whoever they may be. Fuck you school, or, fuck you grades. Fuck you standards. Fuck you expectations. Fuck you random ass people, though even though you merely walk in and out of my existence I worry about how you think of me just because. We need to go out and live. Fuck society, fuck humanity, fuck all these predetermined ideas on how everyone is suppose to live. Just fuck it all, even if we go down to the very basics of, not even people, any living thing, what is their natural purpose of existence? Do you think wild animals care what anyone thinks? Well if they could speak I bet they’d say, “What?”, because they don’t even care about the question enough to even answer it correctly. The animals are out there living to do their best, to make the most out of their mortal experience here on this place we call “Earth”. One simply does not live and freely choose to be miserable.

Live your own goddamn life and fuck anyone in your way who tries to stop you from being your own version of happy.

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Dreaming of happiness
Dieing for a smile upon a face
Wishing for a laugh
Wondering around for sparks to fly
Waiting for free spirits
Needing for a caring hand
Bleeding for a helpful prayer
dreading for a time in life with no worries or cares
longing for a peaceful enchantment

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Checkpoint at the Nth Street

2010-2012 Poems

We're just two-hour drive apart...
Do you deserve to have the 'nth' chance?
If we have another fresh start,
Will it be another 'nth' nuisance?

I've come this far
To be 'alright'...
The wounds you've left,
Turned into scars.

Would it be too much,
Is it beyond foolishness?
To risk the 'nth' time,
In pursuit of happiness?

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-(c)jerlin 13Nov11 (2:40am)

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Sharing myself

Somehow someday ill find my way
and when im done being stuck in a rut like a stick in the mud
ill make the pain go away
ill tell my story to everyone who will listen
ill tell it solemnly
watching their big eyes glisten
ill reassure my self that life isn't so bad
ill make my music heard
one day ill be glad to see all of those people
who didn't believe i could do it watch in awe and astonishment
my biggest dream in life is to run away
to find the good in all
the evil in some
ill be happy
ill be new
ill be okay.