Disorganized Love Poem

Words to describe love

hitting the perfect chord on a new composotion

reaching the end of a good book

aloe vera on a sunburn

ice cream on a sore tooth

a grace note

when you hold a baby and it doesn't cry

for the first time not being able to explain how you feel with words

when things end up in a rainbow pattern

when it seems like all the planets have aligned 

just to shine the spot light on you

when you unwrap a hershey's kiss with out tearing the wrapper

another persons face when they open your gift

Walking in right when the bell rings

getting a large cup of coffee when you only ordered a small

when it's 70 degrees outside

taking your bra off after a long day

finally laying down in your bed

saying goodbye

saying hello

Yet all of these words still do not describe how love can really feel

when you walk in the room my stomach drops

My heart rate goes up, a myriad of butterflies, and all insects start to fill me up

when you tell me you love me, it makes me love myself 

when you whisper to me that I'm beautiful, it almost makes me believe it

but the way you look at me, makes me want to only see your eyes in everyone else's

makes me feel like I can be on top of the empire state building jumping off and free falling

Like I could fight a lion and win

everytime you look at me, I want to stay in that moment for more than forever

when your eyes catch mine, when our bodies touch, when our minds connect

those are my favorite memories

When I can shove a snowball in your face and laugh

spending a whole Saturday handing out flowers to strangers

failing at making gingerbread houses

but looking at me takes the cake, 

that's the only thing I have to describe love, is you looking at me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yeah I'm not gonna lie, this is a mess, I just don't know how to put anything into words anymore.

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Watch as the notes flow,
Starting the tapping of toes,
The beats kicking in...

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Glistening snow shapes,
Falling, twirling and dancing,
But forever ice...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A simple Haiku describing how a snowflakes life works. Contast between life and inactivity of a snowflake, given through human preception, vs. the actually nature of a snowflake.

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