Messed It All Up


I messed it all up
I don't care if I'm right
I don't think I can fight
I wrecked them all up

I'm sorry for my sins
Forgive me for my deeds
I don't care if I live
At least I told you these

Please give me beam of light
I beg you on my knees
Just want to go home white
Swim on the purple seas

I'll wait for you all night
I'll buy you glass of wine
Just let me see the sunshine
In peace, I'll say goodbye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"MESSED IT ALL UP" tells about being repentant and remoarseful about something you've done and you just want them to know that you've realized you're wrong.

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h9515's picture

I love this!!! It moves so

I love this!!! It moves so nicely. Very good work. It played out in my head like a movie. Thanks for sharing.

ginsywilde's picture

Thank you for reading and the

Thank you for reading and the compliments! I'm glad you love it!