Heart ache

In memory of Luke T.C.

Wake up to hear his very voice,
kind and sweet but with choice,
playful and honest with much to say,
bright and beautiful like the suns ray.

Cold as ice when startled or mad,
all alone and cries when sad,
plays for revenge quite easy and well,
is it now time to pull his great spell?


Almost won the battle but lost inside,
too tired and defeated to try and confide,
feeling slight guilty from his teared face,
asking now to forgive and start over a new embrace.


Playing and laughing together again,
totally forgotten the days past and strain,
commanding and plotting our favorite game,
I'm the young Sarg. and hes the old fame.


Never expecting his time to come,
woke up one morning with shock and pain,
shedding tears day after day only from,
losing a brother so dear to my heart,
asking and wondering what had it gain?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My dead little brother.

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I meet you, with low expectations
looking for cheap thrills, and exciting nights.
But you smiled at me with realness,
And had love in your sights.
I was just a boy then
And didn’t know how to accept
But I put on my fake smile,
Not knowing what to except.
we were like kids again,
life suddenly seemed fun.
It felt like us against the world
And we were on the run.
But her feelings were true
To her I was the one.
Back then I was a boy
Just trying to have fun.
And so our plight began.
Down to earth we fell.
Then I knew I loved her
My heart could tell
But she was gone
And alone I stood
To think and wonder
If ever love again, I would?


Personal Favorites

My words,

full of thought

Laced with emotion,

Quiet whispers

trailing off,

But not,

When right now,

Feels just

Like shouting out

Into the open

The Still

Darkness and uncaring

Pitch black end,

My heart asking

Are you even listening?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this after staring at the painting I created one night and is now being used on this site for my profile pic. Still, I have enjoyed hearing from others that have viewed my painting, what they "get" from it... It means a lot to know my art touches more than just I. Thanks for reading.