The right way

So much hate in this world, So many tears, and So many fears in this world that turns.
Turns So slowly like and empty merry go round abandoned by the children.
They loathe and conquer the meek. They digest souls as they walk aimlessly.
They are everywhere omnisciently waiting to devour.
They know not another way to live. They wouldn’t change if they could.
If you, like so many wear your heart on your sleeve they will steal it from you. They will fight one another for your heart for theirs does not beat with love and compassion, it only knows hate.
Their hateful hearts feed off love. They steal love like something on a shelf unaware they are captors.
They devour and indulge in helpless souls that endeavor to find love.
You expect one day for them to see their evil ways. It will never happen.
You wait foolishly like the rest just to contest and complain, all the while rotting your brain to nothing.
You let your heart bleed out precious blood. This is the blood that saves instead of prey, the blood pure with true intentions and valuable lessons. This is the blood that was passed down generations just for your heart to beat and be torn to pieces like a vicious lion mauling its victim.
You must move on. You are better than this. The entire world is not this way.
This world is not only dismay and destruction. It is more! You must find your way in this darkness we call the world with no light. You must fight and struggle to break free and find peace.
You will obtain the peace; you will find it like lost keys one day, probably in front of your face begging you to look while you turn the other way.
You must for now continue the journey and the learning, the struggle and the yearning.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I approached writing this in a much different way that when i usually write. I'm just experimenting with this and will probably add much more to it.

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Finished Poem

It is good and well the way it is. More would be less - Lady A