You're the One

My Love

She’s the only one
To me, a beautiful thing.
Music is how she speaks
And how sweetly does she sing!
All throughout the day,
In my ear her voice will ring
All I want to do,
Is accompany her while she sings.

But soon she will go home
To a place that sounds like Hell
I want to comfort her
But I never can really tell
If she can feel how I feel
Her fears I wish to quell
But all I can do right now
Is listen to the bell.

I would give you my wings
So that you can fly away
But we’re all like fallen angels
And so here we must stay
But I can tell you now
That there can come a day
If you take me as your own
Then we could run away

Far, far away
No troubles can see us there
And possibly could escape
Fear and Death’s ghastly stare
As to where we’ll go,
You already know where
But until then
We’ll just have to dream that we’re there.

Although we are slaves to time
The moment’s coming soon
Just like the next note
In a well-remembered tune
If you should come to love me
And my return will come soon
Then we can disappear;
And restart like the new moon.

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