Dramatic tunes

Dramatic tunes play in my mind

as I wait in bed for your replies

Took a trip, tried to listen to

A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

But boy, I really should take note

that 1975 was never the year

that the internet was born 

then lives got weird


Dramatic tunes swirl in my mind

Nauseating and mesmerizing, all at once

I trace all the pieces I could find

to draw the image that may resemble you

and draft the letters I could think of

but never would I send to you


Dramatic tunes leech on my mind

Trying to design my last demise

The nothingness on their side,

churning violence all coincide


Dramatic tunes play in my mind 

As I wait for your replies 

The darkness would soon arrive

here and hear my last goodbye

The flock of crows are closing in

Floating just three feet above

But then I feel my eyes flinch

As the phone buzzed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about the anxiety you have when you're not sure someone's still interested of you or not anymore. 

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The Waiting In Love

Feeling of anticipation lives in waiting for the phone to ring. On pins and needles, waiting to hear a voice, to go on a date, to sip from the cup of togetherness. Cool perspective. - :D  slc



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Thank you!! Thank you too for

Thank you!! Thank you too for being such a good reader for my poems through the years, my friend.

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Intriguing write.


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Thank you!

Thank you!