Ten Bisaya Filipino Riddles, Can You Solve Me? {w/ Eng. translations}


Answers are at the author's comment.

1)  Gipalit ko bisan ug mahal,

    Apan magpulos lamang ug magbitay.

    {I bought it and it's costly,

    But I use it for hanging only.}

2)  Na-ay kaban sa pari,

    Ukbon dili mauli.

    {There's a priest's trunk,

    But when opened, it could not be closed.}

3)  Ako, apan dili ko magamit,

    Laing tao ang mogamit.

    {I own it, but I don't use it.}

4}  Mohilak, apan walay mata,

    Molakaw, apan walay tiil.

    {It cries without eyes,

    it walks without feet.}

5)  Ang dahon na-a sa bunga,

    Ang bunga na-a sa dahon.

    {The leaves are on the fruit,

    The fruits is on the leaves.}

6)  May ligon nga balay,

    Ang haligi atua sa taas,

    Ang atop atua sa ubos,

    Ang ulan gikan usab sa ubos?

    {What house has post on top,

    A roof at the bottom,

    While the rain comes from below?}

7)  Hikit-an sa tanang adlaw,

    Apan dili nimo makamkam.

    {You can see it everyday,

    But cannot touch it at will.}

8)  May baba apan dili makasulti.

    {It has a mouth, but cannot talk.}

9)  Didto ang buno,

    Dinhi ang dugo.

    {The murder happened there,

    But the blood flowed here.}

10) Dili mananap, ug dili tao,

    Walay tiil, apan makalakaw;

    Walay baba, apan maka sulti.

    {Neither an animal nor a person;

    It has no feet, but can walk;

    It has no mouth, but can talk.}

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Answers:  1)  earrings  2)  an egg  3)  your name  4)  a pen  5) a pineapple  6)  a boat  7)  the sky  8)  a cave  9)  a flood  10)  a letter  ///  What's the score?  Hopefully all y'all didn't cheat! ///

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