Violent Anger


Volume One






I'm becoming the monster I sought to be

and it's scaring me

I can't stop the urge

it's to much for me to handle

my life is just one big scandal

power to the freaks;

god bless the geeks

outcast's wearing our fucked up masks

fighting Society

that is fucking with our privacy

suck my dick, and like it

I am the monster born

taking on an all new form

thundering down on you like a storm


call me what you will

because when I am done, you'll feel

all my hate, all my rage

I'll trap you in your own fucking cage

stabbing you with the sticks

that condemned us you fucking pricks

Kill the damn dicks

I lost all my humanity

Next to go is my sanity

I'll give them something to label

I wont rest till its on cable


"De-flowered girl, on Jesus's table"


This is just the beginning

God will reject me for sinning

but I don't give a shit, can you tell?

I'm already living in hell

we are the damned

our life they scammed

Its our Time

spawned from God's crime





Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was one of many dark poems I've written in the past, I would probably do a tribute to my Morbid Device's collection. (A whole another story in itself) But yes, as I mentioned I was going through a rather disturbing time in my life when I wrote this piece.


(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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Light it Up

Volume One



Light It Up”



Light it up,

Burn it down,

All the way to the fucking ground

beating me to make you stronger,

torturing me to make it last longer,

to me your nothing but a cheap thrill

something that I take in the form of a pill

you made your mistake

you created me, and now I take

all your religious antics you make

won't save you from my hate

give up, it is your fate

Light it up,

Burn it down,

all the way to the fucking ground

You locked me up

I tied you down

now isn't that something, look what I've found

twisting within the depths, without so much as a sound

my hate towards you,

made it that much more profound

I am the monster in-which you fear

in the darkness, I am the noise you hear

I will strip away everything you hold dear

ironic isn't it, because that is what you did to me


Killed all my hopes and dreams

nothing I ever did was right,

pushed back before I could fight

searching for a light, to find my way out

of these its your turn.

Light it up

Burn it down

To the Vary Soil of this ground.

Give up its to late,

give up its your fate


"Death is all around

no place to go but down"




Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated From; Psycho- Confessions)

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