Volume One






I'm becoming the monster I sought to be

and it's scaring me

I can't stop the urge

it's to much for me to handle

my life is just one big scandal

power to the freaks;

god bless the geeks

outcast's wearing our fucked up masks

fighting Society

that is fucking with our privacy

suck my dick, and like it

I am the monster born

taking on an all new form

thundering down on you like a storm


call me what you will

because when I am done, you'll feel

all my hate, all my rage

I'll trap you in your own fucking cage

stabbing you with the sticks

that condemned us you fucking pricks

Kill the damn dicks

I lost all my humanity

Next to go is my sanity

I'll give them something to label

I wont rest till its on cable


"De-flowered girl, on Jesus's table"


This is just the beginning

God will reject me for sinning

but I don't give a shit, can you tell?

I'm already living in hell

we are the damned

our life they scammed

Its our Time

spawned from God's crime





Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was one of many dark poems I've written in the past, I would probably do a tribute to my Morbid Device's collection. (A whole another story in itself) But yes, as I mentioned I was going through a rather disturbing time in my life when I wrote this piece.


(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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Erica Alala's picture

Nice job. It says what many think, but never say.

*~*~*~*The World is a vampire set to drain*~*~*~*