Valentine's Day

VALENTINE'S Day on a budget

May everyone feel the love in the air, the romance in your heart and the pleasure of spending the day with someone you love... (Or hope to...)


Valentines Day on a budget


Happy Valentine day ladies, you're all such a wonderful treat, 

Like a piece of candy...  Damn you sure are sweet.

Have Cupid Shoot an arrow,  in my heart real deep

So I'll have dreams of you,  at night when I sleep. 

Hearts and Rose's  and chocolate Candy too...

These are the things, I'd love, to give you.

But since today I'm broke..., all that I can say...

Is "Will you still be my Valentine?" on this Valentine's Day?"


©Paul (ChryWizard) Posney 2-14-2013 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this a few years ago,  forgot it...  Found it,  decided to share it... 

Hope you enjoy it... 

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Love & Romance

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY sweet-heart...  I really miss you

And I hope my darling,  you miss me to... 

I don't know what happened that brought us here

But I still love you,  and that's the truth my dear. 

With no word from you,  I'm confused and alone

What happened to our dream of owning a home

Why are you so afraid,  to let me love you?  

In case you didn't know,  that's what I was born to do

And you my sweetheart,  we're born to love me

Why is that so hard,  for you to see. 

We belong together,  and you know that it's true

No one in this world can love you like I do. 

But love takes two people, working hand in hand

If you believed in us,  I know we can... 

There is a reason,  why we've lasted this long... 

Why can't you see,  the two of us together,  can't be wrong! 

But I can't do this,  all by myself alone... 

And I don't want anyone else,  sharing my home. 

You are my light, when I need to see

You are my fresh breath of air,  when I need to breathe. 

You are the woman,  who was chosen by fate,

To love me forever and be my life's mate. 

So...  This VALENTINE'S day,  if you still love me

Please be my Valentine,  and say you miss me

Tell me you love me and we can fix what went wrong

Tell me you like...  Your new Valentine poem...


I Love You! 

Paul (ChryWizard)  Posney ©02/14/2018



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My Valentine

Opposed Emperor Claudius II bravely, the Roman, Saint Valentine,

Since the former considered marriage of young men as improper,

Thinking that single man would make better soldier,

   Than those with wives and kin.


It was Valentine, standing against that inequality,

Performing marriages for young lovers in secret,

But was put behind the bars where the jailor, Asterius’ daughter would pay him visit,

They say that, with this beautiful girl, Valentine fell in love deeply.


Before breathing his last, “From Your Valentine,” were the words as his sign,

An expression of ‘love’ now, for the lovers- “You are my Valentine”.

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Valentine's Day

I see them holding hands,
both with stupid grins showing.
He's looking into her eyes, with pure adoration...
She's so content, she's positively glowing.
I've never felt such emptiness, seeing them across the room.
They stand to leave, hands still locked.
I watch them walk away with slight relief...
Only to see another couple take their place, as if I'm being mocked.
Their special evening begins much the same,
with roses, sweets, and practiced words.
Their voices drift over to me, sitting so near...
And I hear the three words I dread to hear...
I can't stand anymore of this terrible ache.
As I gather my things, I try not to think
of the happiness they have...
for my sanity's sake.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Valentine's Day always leaves me sort of melancholy. All feedback appreciated.

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