War Photographer, Shantiswaruplaara


At a distance the photograph of the bombing

of Gaza portrays only streaks of light.

It is those who are bombed who smell the blood,

hear the screams, and see the panic as dead

children are pulled from the rubble. The victors have bulldozers, tanks, drones, the homes of those they've evicted. The poor have slingshots, but like ancient David they will prevail against this modern

Goliath. It is time for the UN to mediate and enforce a peace treaty.


Sanskrit for a human being fashioned of peace

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When I Smell The Rain


When I woke up in the morning today,
I knew it wouldn't be a sunny day.
Because I saw dark clouds all around,
Up in the sky with scary sounds.
I brushed, bathed and got ready to go,
But on my skin I felt a raindrop
This is how the atmosphere changed
This is how I met with your memories again


You were in my mind all the time on my lane
And it felt the same outside when,
I took a deep breath and smelled the rain
I wish you were here to dance with me in this moment
And we could convince God and take this rain on rent


We are both wet and smiling at each other
I have the whole story,
But I'm scared to tell you further.
We would run, we would dance,
We would love and we would laugh
It would go on until the night.
Just imagine that would make us feel so alive.
I could touch your hair, I could touch your skin.
You would try hard to escape but I'd always win..


After the rain,
Under the rainbow, on the grass we both would lie
And packed our happiness,
In the bags of our love and to this world, say goodbye
We would run away leaving this world and all those pain
This is what all goes on on my mind when I smell the rain


Author's Notes/Comments: 

another fast written poem... i didnt put much effort so..


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The Passing On

As I cracked the window,

The aroma of honeysuckle filled the car,

And I drove beyond the lake,

Down the winding road and past the old barn,

And before I reached the driveway,

I could smell the lilac bushes in your yard.

Opening the front door my perception shifts

Into a world long forgotten,

And though in the past,

So very present as I stood alone,

There in the stillness,

Waiting for the future to unfold

At my command,

Quenching my lust for suspense,

The silence shaken abruptly.

I turned to look, gasping…grasping for,

Reality, was peering through the glass

As the funeral car pulls in the drive,

And the memory of one so dear…stays alive.

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