Today I’m honored to share with you a smile

and before the day is gone

please take this smile I am giving you

and kindly pass it on.


In a world with people so far apart…

because of our colors, 

our shapes 

our styles

perhaps the distances between us would shorten…


if we measured it in smiles.

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When I was in school my grades were adequate although I much preferred to play

I never thought concepts learned back then would be applicable today.


I knew basic math was vital…that’s drilled in from the start

But I didn’t know it would come to play such a vital part.


There were things I thought had nothing to do with math 

like when I became aware

Life is much more effortless when it is a life we share.


The more people who share our sorrow, who help and reassure

The easier our sorrow is to handle…the longer we endure.


And when we share our happiness with family and friends

like ripples on the water, that feeling never ends.


I have often wondered about this...why does this phenomenon exist?

Is there something in the universe, some teaching I have missed?


Sorrow and happiness have certain properties 

when we individually bear them

but both can change dramatically

when we chose to share them.


When we share our sorrow we start to feel it less…

and less, and less, and less

and happiness, when shared, grows to even more happiness!


The solution is quite simple and should serve as a guide…

When shared…our sadness is divided 

while shared happiness is multiplied.


Imagine that! The answer lies in basic math--all those years ago conveyed

Perhaps if I’d paid more attention, I’d have earned a better grade.


And it wouldn’t have taken me this long to do the math

And become exceedingly aware…


That Life is much more effortless when it is a life we share.

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A funny thing happened…it made our hearts skip

as we sat and reviewed pictures from our latest camping trip. 


We smiled at each nature picture remembering how we communed

but when one particular photo popped up…the two of us immediately swooned….


It wasn’t the photo of the sun peeking through the trees

or that little deer print we found in the dirt?

No…the one photo that elicited the biggest response

was that brownie we had for dessert.


To be fair that brownie was warm and chewy and delicious

It’s the best one we’ve ever had….north or south

You could smell the warmth of the chocolate as you raised up your fork

and it, literally, melted right in your mouth.


And I wondered what would create such a reaction?

Why would this one brownie cause such a fuss?

Could it be when it came to our latest adventure…

it was more than a brownie to us.


We ate that brownie together…

though at the moment it went undeclared

Perhaps seeing it later symbolized in our hearts 

everything about our trip that we shared.


In that brownie was a taste of the sunrise, the feel of the water so wet,

a hint of the deer peeking out of the grass, a mouthful of a lovely sunset…


That brownie was proof that what the ancients say is true

and not merely an illusion…or myth

That all things in life are more beautiful 

when you have someone to share them all with…


Perhaps you are thinking I’ve lost my mind

that attaching so much emotion to a desert is bad form…

Sure, it’s possible a desert is just a desert…

but…did I mention


that brownie…was warm.

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All and nothing

I'm so vain

Thinking that poem was meant for me,

Insensible, suffering insanity

I must be ill

Dizzy from looking for the stars, arising

Or seriously smitten,

Reading all the words never written

We really share the same horizon.

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When you look at our world…at our planet Earth…

one of her qualities evident everywhere…

is how she divides her love up equally…

how every part of her…she shares.


She shares her land, her trees, her sky, her sun, 

her rain, her stars, her air…

Perhaps if we pay attention…

there is a lesson there.


For, as humans, we are lucky 

not only to live on Earth’s carousel…

But, like the Earth, we too possess 

things we can share as well…


We can share a laugh, a tear, a sunset…

our pleasure and our pain

We can share a a touch, a quiet walk along the beach, 

a dance out in the rain.


We can share, a smile, a touch, a song, a hug 

when we’re happy…when we’re scared…

And why is it food and drink taste so much better 

when that food and drink are shared?


We can share our wonder, our experiences, our moments, 

our hopes, our fears, our rhymes

our joys, our sorrows, and most importantly…

we can share our time.


Yes, in a world where time passes by so quickly…

nothing can compare

nothing is more important 

than the time we choose to share.


And when you stop to think about it 

there is another lesson from our planet we can learn…

The key to sharing…is to share…


while asking nothing in return.

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The sun and the moon are different!

We all know the reason why.

They’re as different as night and day,

yet they choose to share the sky.


The plants and the animals are different!

It’s the way the world was planned.

Yet, despite their apparent differences,

they choose to share the land.


The creatures in the ocean are different!

As different as they can be.

But that doesn’t seem to bother them

as they choose to share the sea.


Which makes me wonder...


If the creatures can share the ocean...

if the sun and moon can share the sky...

if the plants and animals can share the land...


What is stopping...you and I?

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“A candle loses nothing when it lights another candle.”

This is what she’d always say.

“What is a candle for?” she’d ask,

“if not to help to light one’s way.”


To me, she was like a candle…

always wiling to lend a helping hand…

to share her light with others…

to help brighten up the land.


I heard her say it often…

yet she never once explained…

It’s not about what the candle loses…

it’s about what the candle gains. 


I do not know the exact number 

of years she has been gone…

But she lit so many candles while alive

her light shines on…and on.


Perhaps the beauty of a candle…

lies in its ability to mystify…

for when it lights another candle


its light will never die.