When I was in school my grades were adequate although I much preferred to play

I never thought concepts learned back then would be applicable today.


I knew basic math was vital…that’s drilled in from the start

But I didn’t know it would come to play such a vital part.


There were things I thought had nothing to do with math 

like when I became aware

Life is much more effortless when it is a life we share.


The more people who share our sorrow, who help and reassure

The easier our sorrow is to handle…the longer we endure.


And when we share our happiness with family and friends

like ripples on the water, that feeling never ends.


I have often wondered about this...why does this phenomenon exist?

Is there something in the universe, some teaching I have missed?


Sorrow and happiness have certain properties 

when we individually bear them

but both can change dramatically

when we chose to share them.


When we share our sorrow we start to feel it less…

and less, and less, and less

and happiness, when shared, grows to even more happiness!


The solution is quite simple and should serve as a guide…

When shared…our sadness is divided 

while shared happiness is multiplied.


Imagine that! The answer lies in basic math--all those years ago conveyed

Perhaps if I’d paid more attention, I’d have earned a better grade.


And it wouldn’t have taken me this long to do the math

And become exceedingly aware…


That Life is much more effortless when it is a life we share.

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