“Why do we march for peace, Mom?” I heard her ask as they walked  next to me.

“For the same reason,” her mother answered, “that you and I plant a tree.”


“It will be many years from now…once that seed is laid

until your children…or perhaps your children’s children play under its shade.”


“We plant a tree for the future…” and here a smile crossed her face,

“hoping the tree we plant today will make tomorrow a better place.”


“That is why we march, my love…because I feel this need

To make the future better…to plant another seed.”


“A seed of love and optimism…that one day hate will cease…

so your children or your children’s children will finally play in peace.”


I felt proud to be marching next to them and smiled as I kept pace…

determined to help them plant a seed of hope today…


that will make tomorrow a better place.

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Without My Glasses

I like to walk without my glasses

for then my world’s a hazy blur.

Nothing I see is crystal clear

it’s all a bit obscure.


The longer I walk

the more all objects and colors interplay.

It’s as if I’m walking through a world

that was painted by Monet.


When I see people on my walk

whether or not I know their name

I cannot tell their color, their sex or their religion

for they all look the same.


Which means just like in a library

when I’m searching for a book

I have to withhold my judgement

Until I have a closer look.


Which also means and I know in the world we live in now

this sounds bizarre

but I can’t judge people by what they look like

I have to judge them by who they are. 


So I wonder…


Would our world be a happier, more peaceful place

if we somehow found a way

for all our eyes to see the world


like a painting my Monet?

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What Humans Can Do

Humans are incredible...look at all we have achieved

In the evolution of our planet...it’s hard to be believed.


We watched the birds as they flapped their wings and soared across the sky

Then we created airplanes and taught ourselves to fly.


We watched the fish in our ocean and lakes, as across the surface they would skim

Then we jumped into the water and we taught ourselves to swim.


We watched them plunge to ocean depths from which we couldn’t survive

so we built submarines and scuba gear and we taught ourselves to dive.


We wondered about the heavens as we gazed up at the stars

so we built spaceships and satellites then sent them off to the Jupiter and Mars. 


We’ve created electricity and fire.

We learned how to read and write.

We have indoor plumbing.

Why...we’ve even created light!


We’ve created television, beer, computers and even fried Twinkies too.

It seems if humans put their minds to it...there’s nothing we can’t do...


So I wonder if it isn’t time...to take all our expertise

Put all our minds together...


and try creating Peace?

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Perhaps It's Time

Although it may be difficult sometimes

in this world I’m trying to create...

I will not acknowledge your anger with anger...

I will not return your hate...with hate.


If you choose to bully me

I will not bully back.

Nor will I cower in the face of fear

for courage...I do not lack.


I believe in human rights

the rights of everyone to be free

and I gladly lend my voice to the chorus

of peace and harmony.


Hate has tried to rule the world

from every demagogue to tsar.

When you take a look at history...

how’s that worked out so far?


So although it may be difficult sometimes

in this world I’m trying to enhance...

I will return your hate with love...


it’s the only way peace has chance!

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History Class

I was not alive in 1836.

It was much too long ago.

But my teacher taught us in History class

to, ‘Remember The Alamo’


I was not alive in 1898

when Cuba revolted against Spain.

But my teacher taught us in History class

how we must, ‘Remember The Maine’.


I was not alive in 1941

when the Hawaiian skies turned to grey.

But my teacher taught us in History class

to, ‘Remember Pearl Harbor Day’.


I wasn’t alive when the Nazis were in power

and all those lives were lost.

But my teacher taught us in History class

how we must, ‘Remember The Holocaust’.


I wasn’t alive when George Santayana

talked of History...and how we mistreat it...

He said if we cannot learn History...

we will all be doomed to repeat it.


But I am alive now...and I will do all in my power

to make hate, war, and bigotry cease..

So when my children’s children...and their children take History class...


they’ll be taught to ‘Remember a world...at Peace’.

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And So I Marched

Yesterday across the world
women marched...
in over 600 cities strong.
They were marching to make the world a better place...
and so I marched along.

They were marching to create a world
where every human being belongs...
an unpolluted world
without hate...
and so I marched along.

During the march women began to sing...
It was a beautiful song.
It was a melody filled with peace and love...
and so I sang along.

People marched together...
people of every color, shape and size...
thousands of voices singing...
and so I tried to harmonize.

Yesterday we marched to help unite the world...
we marched...
in over 600 cities strong...
with the hope that someday...
one day...
everyone will march along.


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