We are awash in a world of colors…reds, greens, yellows…blues.

Each color is unique…

each with its own distinctive hue.


And by themselves they are quite beautiful…

when we see one we’re transfixed

but we can’t deny the beauty once the colors have been mixed.


When the sky is blue it is beautiful…it’s a pleasure to our eyes

but what a beautiful mix the colors make as the sun’s about to rise.


Or when the sun begins to set in the days evanescent light

and the colors synthesize harmoniously…as they usher in the night.


And there must be a heavenly reason…

after the darkest storms in a sky overflowing with rain

a rainbow arching across the sky is the mix of colors that remains.


Sunrises, sunsets, rainbows have proven…they have shown

that each contains a beauty…creating a color of their own.


Which leads some of us to wonder…

and others of us to muse

Doesn’t the beauty they possess arise from the mixture of their hues?


What if we saw each other as a mix of colors

no matter the day or night

a beautiful blend of colors…instead of just black, yellow, red or white


Would that alter the way we feel?

Would our love and acceptance of each other increase?

If we could see each other as a blend of colors…

We could call that color…Peace



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Your rhyme scheme and stanza

Your rhyme scheme and stanza structure in this poem strikes me as very interesting.


[* /+/ ^]